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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Best Climbing Equipment - A Chelsea Pier Instructors top picks on Rock Climbing Gear

Climb high with the latest climbing technology.  Top picks by one of Chelsea Piers top instructors. 
(note rock climbing is dangerous, please consult a professional before attempting challenging climbs.)

Maxim Dynamic Ropes are the highest quality climbing ropes in the world (Think of them as the Porsche of ropes - super high performance but also reliable and durable for continual use. ). These high torsion climbing ropes are precisely engineered to stretch upon impacts giving a dynamic system to arrest a climbers fall and not cause any injury.  They are some of the strongest ropes available and can withstand immense abrasion, weight and force.

DMM in Wales sets the standard with innovative designs in the climbing gear market. This ice axe for ice climbing is one of the first to be made with hot forged process (similar to sword-smithing - think knights of the round table. ) giving a solid single piece of metal to pound into the ice delivering secure placements and deeper penetration.  The aggressive angles provide extreme leverage when things get a bit icy and dicey.

Wild Country Helium Quickdraws are one of the absolute lightest and strongest Carabiner ever to be fabricated. This brilliant design incorporates an I-beam form that nearly doubles the strength of most Carabiners while the innovated clip provides easy on and off release.

Red Chili Shoes are the secret arsenal of any seasoned climber. Handcrafted design by the German legend Stefan Glowacz, these shoes guarantee that you will have the highest level of traction and grip at a truly professional level.  A specially designed high friction rubber ensures maximum grip even with the tiniest fissures. 

Wild County Rock stoppers are the standard tool on any traditional climber's rack. These are designed to be placed in constricting cracks and serve as an anchor point. The heads are made out of an aircraft grade metal allow and is soft enough to have 'bite' within a crack. 

Wild Country Helium Friends are the standard in camming devices. This was the first ever camming device to be marketed and escalated to become the gold standard. These devices are placed in cracks and actively cam to form an anchor for a climber. 

Wild Country Helium Cleanwire Carabiners are the some of the lightest and strongest in world. This innovative design incorporated an I-beam in the spine reducing the weight and increasing the strength.  

DMM Revolution Ice Screws are a truly functional and  beautiful piece of gear expressing it's clear intention through functional design. Speed of placement is the key to a modern ice screw. The screw needs to make that initial, crucial bite into the ice, then it needs to wind in quickly and smoothly. 

Wild Country's Elite Ziplock Harness has a distinct style all their own.  The Elite range has been designed with no compromises, to take you further and in more comfort than any most other harnesses available today.  The Elites combine their elegant look and superb fit with a steely side, are strong where and when it matters.  From the Ziplock buckle to the belay loop, these harnesses are tested at the highest levels to bring you reliable and unobtrusive safety standards thus increasing your manoeuverability and confidence.

The above items were selected by one of Chelsea Piers premier professional climbing instructors and coaches, Brian Kim, who was featured in Men's journal for his ultra high level technical expertise. If you are interested in getting into climbing or are already seasoned expert looking to brush up on your techniques the elite staff at Chelsea Piers can help prepare you for your next challenging climb.  To find   a master class instructor -  Go to  Find your inner olympian - be safe, climb high, challenge gravity.