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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Fashion Week - Chanel Paris chooses only one brand - Peter Marino the worlds most fashionable architect.

Architect and designer Peter Marino is a big motorcycle fan and an even bigger New York personality. Never one to mince words he often speaks out about how he "schools" clients on the right way to do things.  Rumor has it he has even gone as far as to have a " don't look me in the eyes" policy at his office, perhaps the reason for his anti-paparazzi sunglasses he is always wearing.  Never the less he is still the darling of major top mega brands such as Chanel - for whom he has designed absolutely exquisite Flagship showrooms.   He got his start in the mid-’70s, renovating the Upper East Side townhouse of Andy Warhol and his social club cum studio known as the  “Factory.” Today, Marino is one of the biggest names in architecture interiors despite his eccentric way of dressing. Formally known for wearing pink Oxfords and Khakis to his daughters Dalton parent teacher day - today he is more comfortable wearing leather chaps and a police biker hat. He has designed more high-fashion boutiques in major cities than any other architect in history.   His signature look is full-on biker: black leather pants, boots, and cap, with a tight black T-shirt over bulging biceps, and often a pair of black shades - not necessarily the same thing that you would find at Chanel. - Ecomanta.