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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Eco-friendly Architecture MVRDV and The Observer House

MVRDV has proposed a "green house" that alllows the structure to blend in with the natural surroundings.  The design seems aesthetically interesting and dynamic, however the interpretation of green may be a bit literal and nothing more than a superficial skin when it comes to ecofriendly.  The eco foot print to build such a structure would be immense.  The proposed green roof skin would undoubtedly be water hungry and according to most landscape architects nearly impossible to actually keep alive.   The proposed design although noble in its intention, may be better served in an eco-tourist golf course or African safari where one does not wish to see the landscape too interrupted.  The design is intriguing with its standard cube shaped rooms arranged in a dynamic fashion - yet the fact that it appears to be a sectional cut through the center of a home may or may not be the ultimate solution. Perhaps even mirroring the form would be helpful so two halves could make a whole - thus rendering the entire thing as camoflage with a center spine separating the two spaces to allow beams of light in.  This structure would work best in a lush south east asian location. - Ecomanta

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