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Friday, July 27, 2012

Latest Fashion in Stuttgart - Modern yet clean lined composition

Fashion in Stuttgart.  Residential Modern Luxury

Fashion in Stuttgart - Modern Lines yet sensual feel.

A custom modern dream home, MVRDV is the perfect single story home with not one lower level but two. From the distance, the house looks so unnoticeable.  On a steep plot located in Stuttgart, the size of the new house makes maximum use of the plot.  The wood vertical exterior is a beautiful contrast to it's surroundings.

The beauty of the house located in the hills of outer Stuttgart is in its simplicity.  There is a Zen cleanliness in the overall composition.  There are unique ways the stair is articulated all wood cantilevered planks in an otherwise pristine white environment. Due to the colorful nature of the neighborhood the white interior is pleasing and contrasts the gardens and surrounding houses which are all in red brick.  The sophisticated stepping of the terraces is picked up in the glass facade on the south wall which also employs a stepped pattern that follows the massing.  This is a simple yet powerful composition.  This is a home, that because of its simplicity, could be perfect for a Zen master - a somewhat affluent Zen master. - Ecomanta