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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Modernism in Croatia - the land of the new new architecture untouched sea.

The concept of two “Rock” ultra-modern villas and “Shell”, which was developed by the architectural studio Zaha Hadid (Zaha Hadid Architects), is to determine the architectural style of the new luxury resort in Dubrovnik (Croatia). It is assumed that the future is a futuristic place of rest will consist of 400 villas, five hotels, fields and facilities for golf and spa. Complex of the future will give visitors views of terracotta roofs of Dubrovnik, a beautiful panorama on the Mediterranean and mountain scenery as it is located on the plateau (about 300 to 400 m above sea level) to the north of the ancient city. The project includes the construction of comfortable villas, hotels, apartments, commercial facilities, spa, 18-hole golf course and golf club itself. Recently developed a master plan defining the perimeter of the complex and the size of the area occupied territories, which range from 12,000 to 20,000 square meters.

My memories of Croatia are incredibly fond - with seas like that of Greece, but with a slightly more Swiss Italian feel to the architecture and culture given the heavy Catholic influence.  The seas are crystal clear void even of many of the fish that once roamed - hence a picture perfect calm to the waters as there is virtually no commercial fishing to speak of - there is very little pollution in the waters. 
Unlike Italy however, there is an optimism to rebuild after the war.  This optimism is deeply rooted as one of Europe; last developed Dukedom's Croatia is still proud of it heritage.  In fact during the war, Croatia was able to hold its own against a more powerful Serbian invasion with the help of its tourist trade which went largely uninterrupted during the war.  I remember staying during vacation from Austria on the Idyllic island of Cres while one could hear bombs exploding in the far off distance.  The latest modern proposals speak of a  much more positive view of the future where tourist and development projects dot the coastal landscape of more than 1000 of the most lovely islands you will ever see. - Ecomanta.