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Monday, August 13, 2012

Timeless Architecture at the top of the World - The Timmelsjoch Experience

The Timmelsjoch is the deepest, non-glaciated indentation in the main Alpine ridge between the Reschen Pass and the Brenner Pass. A road, once a mule track, links the Passeiertal valley and the Ă–tztal valley. Over thousands of years, unique similarities between the two valleys evolved, triumphing over the natural boundary created by the mountains. Since 2010 architectural sculptures located at several stopping places along the road, enlighten travellers about the natural surroundings, the history, the culture, the communities and the economy of the region. The structure has a phenomenal presence in its simplicity as it were left by an extraterrestrial being or some ancient lost civilization.  The level of execution of the form is its strength. Every seam and joint has a perfect delineation allowing a brilliant contrast against the rough wind blown landscape around it.