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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Worlds top designer: Alexander McQueen: Paris Fashion Week

A model walks down the catwalk during the Alexander McQueen Ready-to-Wear A/W fashion show during Paris Fashion Week at POPB Paris, France.

    Alexander McQueen may prove to be one of the most pivotal designers of the millenium.  Unlike most designers McQueen's vision was so revolutionary that critics were often speechless at his the openings of his brilliant runway shows.   He was able to push the level of form to the brink of absurdity while maintaining a sophisticated subtlety to his often outlandish creations. Where those such as Gaultier often fell down while promoting the absurd and avante-garde, McQueen was the true prodigal son almost incapable of failure for all he touched turned to gold.  The retrospective at the Metropolitan museum,  drew one of the biggest crowds ever to a single art show in the history of museum curation.  Without McQueen there would be no reference point for the imgages projected by the creative design department behind Lady Gaga's performance wear or the elite fashion displayed in the film Hunger Games. - Ecomanta