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Monday, September 24, 2012

The World's Most Expensive Magazines

How much would you be willing to fork over for a subscription to a magazine about quantitative finances? How about an exclusive art mag? How about a women’s mag with a cover made of gold and diamonds?  Forget the ten to twenty dollars you’d pay for a subscription to Maxim, Cosmo or Rolling Stone—we’re talking about the most expensive magazines in the world.

Kohl – $10,000 for one issue
World's Most Expensive Magazines - Kohl
The United Arab Emirates’ one and only women’s lifestyle and fashion magazine, Kohl is targeted at expatriate Asian women. Publisher ITP teamed up with Damas, a UAE jeweler, to create the stunningly bejeweled cover for the single most expensive magazine issue in the world. The cover, which features sexy Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif, was handmade with 91 grams of gold and 622 diamonds. Gold leaf was also applied by hand to the cover as part of an 86 hour process.
The luxurious cover was displayed in Damas stores until a gala event in October 2008 where it was auctioned. Proceeds from the sale of the world’s most expensive magazine were donated to the Rashid Pediatric Therapy Centre in Dubai.

Nomenus Quarterly – $6,500 for one issue
World's Most Expensive Magazines - Nomenus Quarterly
Erik Madigan Heck/Nomenus Quarterly
Nomenus Quarterly is an ongoing publication for the arts with a specific focus on exploring the possibilities of mixing fashion with differing mediums, including sound, film, and literature. The publication was begun in 2007, and showcases both original and already published works of art and fashion, merging archival museum collections, with contemporary and previously unseen works. All artworks on the website are copyrighted by the artist, and their respective gallery. (