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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Holiday House NYC - Inson Dubois Wood with Hermes - Paris review by Martin Maurice

Holiday House Main Dining Room - Homage to Venice Carnevale 

By far the most exciting, stimulating and unconventional room on display at NYC's 2012 "Holiday House" is Inson Dubois Wood's homage to Carnavale in collaboration with Hermes.  At first the eye is bemused by what the french would call an "embarras de richesses," but then it starts to resolve the profusion of objects and ideas into a comprehensive, if somewhat surreal, whole. Wise visitor will linger the better to appreciate the skilled and wondrous display of collectible furnishings and art. Their patience will be amply rewarded. 
- Martin Maurice 

Red Laquered hand painted wall paper by Gracie intersects with a 24k venetian plaster vaulted ceiling. 

 A 1921 Antoine Bourdelle ( A Contemporary sculptor of Rodin ) Cast Bronze Sculpture - Sits confidently important 15' dining table by Wendell Castle 1966. This sculpture sits in the Musee D'Orsay in Paris and a copy at the nearby Metropolitan Museum of Art. 

St Louis Asymetrical Rock Crystal glasses available at Hermes - Paris.  A Balcon Du Guadalquivir Tea Pot is perched a top of a service porcelain set of plates for salad, bread, and main course. 
Balcon Du Guadalquivir has become synonymous with elite plates for holidays,  both formal or informal dining and is a highly popular selection from Hermes - Paris. 

Porcelain tray by Hermes 

19th Century German Masks atop an  8' fireplace mantel courtesy of Newel, red crystal urn by St Louis at Hermes. 

A Large Bronze bird skull by John Lyle reminiscent of the doctors mask of Carnevale sits on the table.