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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

How to Decorate for the Holidays and How to set a dining table - Inson Wood and Hermes

Inson Wood shows us how to set a dining table. Puiforcat Cutlery is the ultimate in classical sculpted silverware. 

Inson Wood uses the Balcon di Guadalquivir as the starting point for his ceiling treatment. A large table acts as the canvas. A crystal Horse Head by Hermes and a Bronze Bird Mask by John Lyle. Stem ware by St. Louis. 

A Sultanabad pure silk rug acts as a background the secondary dining tables.  One should always have back up for those unexpected guests.  Inson Wood explores an array of materials and finishes in all of his work.

LXTV's Sara Gore, Inson Wood, Liz Claman of Fox Financial's Closing Bell - on opening night at Holiday House. This table by Sozzi has bronze inlay in the wood grain. 

18th Century masks look down on the table before the guests arrive. 

Alexander McQueen inspired window treatments flank the doors. 
A dress worn by Daphne Guiness by Alexander McQueen was inspiration for the window treatments.
For the Dining room  - Inson Wood's muse was Daphne Guiness. Daphne Guiness, whose parents were close friends with Salvador Dali, embraced surrealism and promoted fashion designer Alexander McQueen and photographer Steven Klein. Surrealism often explores the avante garde or unusual and encourages seeing life from another's perspective. 

Japanned Lacquered and Hand painted wall paper by Gracie.  A Christopher Hyland pillow sits on a modernist chair.  

Inson Wood used a large Wendell Castle table to set the stage

Alexander McQueen inspired window treatments
Top rule for entertaining - sit back and enjoy the show. "If you provide good food, good drink and interesting guests and the rest will happen organically."  

Festive Diningroom by Inson Wood

Inson Wood decorating tip - Don't be afraid to use color and experiment with different styles when entertaining. 

Inson Wood's sumptuous contribution to the dining room of this year's Holiday House is not for those with a conventional palate. Pique your appetite with a taste of the lavish dining table by Wendell Castle. A promenade of crystal, porcelain and silver spreads in front of Inson Wood's provocative display of the Guests -- those otherworldly figurines from Lladro Atelier -- like a living diorama, part club kid/ part Kid Robot. An admixture of art and design, Inson Wood's creation fills the festive cravings of the holiday.
 - Martin Kihn, Financial Analyst and Author of Best Selling Novels, Bad Dog - A Love Story and A$$hole.

( Holiday House runs thru November 25th 2012 11am to 5 pm and is open to the public. 2 E. 63rd Street.) 

Daphne Guiness' childhood growing up with Salvador Dali was one of Inson Wood's inspirational foot notes.
Surrealism is often embraced in today's high fashion. Daphne photographed by Steven Klein.

Daphne Guiness in a photoshoot by Steven Klein. Surrealism often embraces the uncomfortable. 

Daphne Guiness and Alexander McQueen

Inson Wood's entertaining tip: never let your guests do all the work. 

Not your typical Carnival masquerade party. 
The room by Inson Wood based loosely on Venice's Carnival - bekons of a David Lynch or Peter Greenaway film. This hommage to Daphne Guiness' work and friendship with Alexander McQueen and Steven Klein can be seen throughout the design execution in an array of details from the lighting to the selective and unusual furniture.  A literary theoretician's dream - this room borrows from as many literary sources as Mr. Wood has borrowed from his plethora of luxury sources. Extraordinary oil paintings and other art is mixed with antiques from an array of vendors including 18 Century German masks from Newel, a 1923 Rodin-Bourdelle Herkales Sculpture from Karl Kemp, and an immense 1850 Kerman Persian Rug courtesy of Doris Leslie Blau. Inson Wood embraces some of the surrealist impressions as experienced by Daphne Guiness childhood spent growing up with Salvador Dali and often expressed in her photoshoots with Steven Klein. Alexander McQueen influenced double tiered balloon drapes flank the main 3 French doors. Unlike any other room in the house, this room becomes the spectacle, the perfect room for embellished entertaining.  Mick Jagger or Daphne herself might feel comfortable dousing the large stack of wood in the fireplace and having a small bonfire to roast some exotic Smores to follow the Foix Gras and Cote du Boeuf. One might, however,  have refrain from throwing the priceless St Louis asymmetrical crystal stemware into the fire. 

Inson Wood's design firm Inson Dubois Wood LLC is working on a new construction Townhouse on East 75th St, a Tribeca Penthouse, a Park Avenue Classic 9 and several houses in Greenwich and the Hamptons. More of Inson Wood's designs can be seen at

Following André Breton's invitation to join the Surrealist movement in 1929, Dalí quickly established himself as the leading Surrealist artist. He spent a great deal of time in Paris over the ensuing decade, where he established friendships with wealthy Parisian patrons and artists. The beginning of Dalí's Surrealist period marked a growing confidence in his own style. The establishment of the representation of 'hard' and 'soft', which formed the foundation of his aesthetic, and the creation of motifs and symbols which became part of his artistic vocabulary throughout his oeuvre, were consolidated at this time. Ants, crutches, keys, watches, lobsters, bread, eggs and other Dalinian clues were all painted to be interpretable through the lens of Freudian psychology. Dalí's most striking works combined this dream imagery with echoes of the majestic plains of the Empordà, or the fantastical rock formations found at Cap de Creus, near Cadaqués.

For more photos of the room and some of the guests photographed on opening night click here: