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Monday, November 12, 2012

Paris Vogue fashion week - Ruven Afandor high design for high fashion - the ultimate photographer

With Ruven the environment is as equally important as the clothes. 

Fashion Week in Paris would be nothing without a fantasy by Ruven Afanador

Alluding to a fashion sense that only Ruven Afanador could create.

"A Columbian native, Ruven started his career by working in NY and Milan. It was in Italy that he finally found the recognition that he rightfully deserves. In the nineties, his photography revamped the editorials of Vogue, New York Times and Vanity Fair. Ruven’s photography is evocative and full of fantasy, with a focus on the garments in pretty much every shot." Check out more here: 

Ruven Afanador pushes the limits of environmental design for his fashion shoots - the environments he creates are as important as the clothes he displays. By creating such fantasies the view becomes enraptured in the exotic idea of the dream state and associates exotic occurances with the clothes being promoted.  - Ecomanta.