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Friday, February 15, 2013

Modern Townhouse in New York City - Luxury Warhol Lifestyle

Fireplaces and a dynamic stair pinpoint the details of this modern luxury townhouse in New York City. 

A light filled New York City Modern Townhouse can provide a very different style of living. 

A dynamic stair can give a more open feel in the ultimate modern luxury lifestyle.

Dynamic spaces can clear the mind. 

In a luxury modern townhouse in New York City - maximizing light both front and back is essential.

For any luxury townhouse - the art can make all the difference. The outdoor terrace is a key element of any townhouse. 

Tall ceilings allow for dramatic pop art of all dimensions. 

A glass and steel facade means little to no upkeep over the years.

Japanese garden with Bamboo can provide privacy. 

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Luxury Modern Townhouse is the Ultimate Urban Living.

     The real estate market is hot right now as owning a piece of land in New York City is nearly priceless. Buyers looking at townhouses are now flocking in droves to the market returning to the townhouse market specifically because of the solid resale potential.  Given the right The beauty of townhouse living in a city like New York City is that you have control of everything that happens in your immediate purview.  Although, you might not have the benefit of a 24 hr. doorman - many townhouse owners are fine with hiring help during the day or having an in house helper.  Otherwise the benefits are immense - you will be the only one owning the property and thus have no one to ask permission from when you wish to alter things or actually sell the property.  Most importantly you will have the benefit of owning actual land in Manhattan - a commodity that is ever shrinking and will never expand. The lifestyle benefits are endless. There is no one living above or below you to cause undo stress and if your walls are insulated well you should be free from static energy from the neighbors.
     Most townhouses have the benefit of a roof terrace and a backyard which allows for lifestyle benefits such as fresh air, sun exposure and even gardening - all 3 have been proven to improve health. You may wish to own pets - a dog is highly recommended for security and well being and having a backyard is an added bonus for a little private outdoor time.
     The vertical stacking of a townhouse has multiple benefits as well.  The visual and physical division provides more privacy between kitchen and family room or even the private study and childrens rooms for example.  A large open floor plate for the living room and den allow for wonderful entertaining opportunities. Only townhouses can guarantee the ability to locate a real wood burning fireplace anywhere you like.  And it goes without saying that the true lovers of entertaining must have an out door grill for those perfect spring moments with friends and family.
    For larger families or even those with wonderful art collections - a multilevel residence provides a truly uplifting living experience.  Manipulating the floor plate and having a signature stair can make all the difference in the circulation and how one experiences the overall composition of flow and space.   Having one's one private roof terrace is a must in a city where sunshine is an absolute premium in itself.  
Often times picking the designer/architect before you even purchase a property can be useful whether its a townhouse or a condo.
     Firms like Inson Dubois Wood LLC,, a Manhattan based design firm provides full turn key services helping clients find the right General Contractors, Engineers, Expediters, Code Specialists, even help navigate things as complex as the building department/ landmarks commission, and as simple as finding the right audio visual vendor for each project. - Ecomanta