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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Top Interior Designer in New York City, Inson Wood:The power of 3d Renderings as a tool for Design

Inson Wood uses 3d Computer renderings to explore materials and color with his clients.
Inson Wood uses 3d Computer Renderings to explore materials and scale with his clients.
Top Interior Designer New York City Inson Wood says computers have changed the way we design. 

Inson Wood often finds 3d Computer Renderings to be helpful with clients. 

Inson Wood uses 3d Computer Renderings to explore design proposals with his clients.

Inson Wood uses 3d Renderings to explore design proposals with his clients.

Inson Wood uses 3d Renderings to explore design proposals with his clients.

3d Renderings by computer have changed the design and architecture world.

EM: How have computers changed the way we design today?

IDW:When I was at Harvard studying architecture,  we worked on developing the computer programs that would later revolutionize design. All of Frank Gehry and Zaha Hadid buildings are possible only from computers. Now even the top traditional interior designers, like my mentor Juan Pablo Molyneux,  and architects such as Wolf Prix,  often utilize 3d computer renderings to sell their ideas.  They can show potential buyers or clients exactly what to expect and can create a very accurate rendition of what the client will get.  As most clients hire designers specifically to show them their vision - it is immensely helpful if the client is part of the design process and has a sense of ownership.  In the past it was a vague watercolor or sketch - but the client didn't really know what to expect.  Now we can create a photo real image and have an intelligent discussion.  I find clients get really excited about the projects.

EM: How is this different than typical renderings in the past?
IDW: Today's computers allow you to scan a fabric or stone slab for instance and put the exact material into the rendering.  If the client doesnt like it - you can simply change it out for a different texture, material, color, etc. Some clients want multiple views of a room or a building - this is easily done in the computer to the extent that for some larger projects I have done full walk-thrus or animated scenes driving or flying over a home.

EM: Do you ever get the complaint that renderings are too cold or too stiff?
IDW:  Yes, that simply has to do with the level of the renderer and his/her skill set.  The people who do my renderings are phenomenal and one seriously cannot tell it if its a photo or a computer image.  Some homes are built entirely from a rendering - a multi-million dollar condo on Central Park was Pre-sold -just based on renderings.   The potential is unlimited and I find for clients who want to be involved, and even those who don't, truly appreciate having an idea of what the project will look like.  Imagine buying an expensive sports car without knowing what it will look like - it simply doesnt make sense.  A home is no different.  We live in our homes and buildings and as one of the biggest investments - clients deserve to know they are getting something they will enjoy living with - not just some fantasy from a "rock star" designer.   For me its a rewarding when a client says "It looks just like the rendering -I love it."  I then remind them that we still haven't purchased the Warhol or Picasso that was in rendering.