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Monday, March 11, 2013

Top 20 Interior Designers Reveal Secret Homes including Designers Hall of Fame Giants Montoya, Molyneux, Mica Ertegun, Corrigan.

The work of Interior Designer Inson Wood will be published in a Monacelli Press book entitled Designers Abroad: Inside the Vacation Homes of Top Decorators.

A review of Designers Abroad: Inside the Vacation Homes of Top Decorators by Interior Design Magazine.
Juan Montoya another Architectural Digest Hall of Fame Designer will reveal his home overseas.

The home of Timothy Corrigan in France.

Tim Corrigan restored a former French Chateau to its former glory. 
Timothy Corrigan in his French Chateau

The home of Juan Pablo Molyneux

Juan Pablo Molyneux

Mica Ertegun will reveal her own home abroad. 
Press Release Monacelli Press will release another book on Designers work overseas entitled Designers Abroad,  Inside the Vacation Homes of Top Decorators.  This time it goes behind the scenes to see what designers do for themselves.  Often we see the fabulous things top interior designers of the world and what they can do for their clients - it is rare that we are invited to see what their own homes look like.  What better than to see how they vacation and exactly how they design their own personal retreats.  Designers Abroad will be released on April 16 through Amazon and the Monacelli Press among others.  The work of Interior Design giants such as Juan Montoya, Timothy Corrigan, Juan Pablo Molyneux, Mica Ertegun, as well as younger rising stars such as Inson Wood and Trisha Wilcox- Ecomanta.