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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Designers Abroad - Inside the Vacation Homes of top Decorators - Hottest New Design Book Review. Top Interior Designers in New York Reveal their Secret Homes.

Designers Abroad - Inside the Vacation Homes of top Decorators by Monacelli Press - features top interior designers secret homes. 

Inson Wood with AD 100 Grand Master Interior Designer Juan Montoya at the book signing of Designers Abroad featuring both their work and that of 20 other designers. 

Top Interior Designer in New York Inson Wood and Durston Saylor - Photographer who flew with me to Thailand for the shots. 
 A room by Juan Pablo Molyneux featured in Monacelli Press new book: Designers Abroad.
Top Interior Designer in New York City Inson Wood created an exotic paradise in Chiangmai, Thailand. 
Alison Palevsky and Sarah Shetter in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Photo by Durston Saylor.

William Brockschmidt in Modica Sicily, Italy

Inson Wood with fellow world class interior designers who have contributed to Designers Abroad. 
Inson Wood with a fresh copy of Designers Abroad by Monacelli Press.
Inson Wood w top interior designer of the world Juan Pablo Molyneux -

Michele Keith - Author of Designers Abroad published by Monacelli Press.

Inson Wood w AD 100 Top Designer of the world Juan Pablo Molyneux and Jeff Hornstein.

Inson Wood w top interior designer in New York, Clodagh 

Inson Wood showing Juan Montoya his project in Chiamgmai, Thailand. 

Inson Wood w top ranked interior designer Alessandra Branca

Inson Wood and Elba Galvan.
Inson Wood and Monsieur Gael Pervhaillac

The book, Designers Abroad - Inside the Vacation Homes of top Decorators, is an incredible amalgamation of some of the world's top interior designers and architects as never compiled before.  This book delves into the secret lives of the personal vacation homes of Hall of Fame Interior Designers revealing their secret styles and tastes of how they like to live when relaxing specifically in their own holiday retreats overseas.   The book is divided into 4 sections - Tropical Escapes, Simple Sanctuaries, Urban Retreats, Modern Moorings.. Tropical Escapes features The work of Cortney Novogratz, Diane Burn, Michael La Rocca, Andrew Fisher, Trisha Wilson, and Inson Dubois Wood. The work is fantastic with exotic homes in Brazil, Panama, Sri Lanka, Mexico, South Africa and Thailand.  These homes are special in that many are open air and extremely lush climates with beautiful indigenous wood  and stone accents and fabrics hand woven in the country of origin.  Simple Sactuaries shows us the homes of Lucien Lee Roberts, Stephen Shubel, Ronald Bricke, William Brockschmidt, and the master antiquarian Lars Bolander in Sweden.  Urban Retreats pitches two mansions in Paris and some spectacular homes in Rome, Bodrum, and Bogata. The final chapter takes us to Nova Scotia with Alexandra Angle's remote Cape Breton Island. Fawn Galli in Spain and Sue Firestone's megayacht the Tamsen. Clodagh shows us a fabulous stone house in Ireland and Alison Palevsky has an organic adobe empoirum in Cabo San Lucas.   The most remarkeable aspect of the entire book is that it has an absolute flow.  Like a favorite songs this compilation of secret treasures by the worlds top interior designers truly sings.  In fact it creates as much envy as it inspires one to reconsider their own private hideaway whether in Upstate New York or the Hamptons or Viekas.

Designers Abroad, Michele Keith's follow-up to her highly successful book Designers Here and ThereFor some, vacation homes offer an opportunity to escape from the office, to shut off, to wind down. For decorators, however, vacation homes mean just the opposite—they provide the opportunity to bring work home as they roam the globe, honing their design sensibilities and expanding collections of treasures. Designers Abroad takes the reader on a tour of the world, from Sri Lanka to South Africa to Sweden, by peeking into the gorgeously appointed homes of renowned interior designers. In lively and dynamic text, Michele Keith explores how they incorporate the distinct and native character a foreign land into their second homes, all the while expressing personal style. Embracing new cultures’ climates, architectural traditions, and indigenous art, fabrics, and furniture, each designer creates a space at once comfortable and glamorous, a place of solace and inspiration.

Designers Abroad offers inside peeks into residences ranging from a chic studio in Paris to a house perched on windswept cliffs in Nova Scotia, from a beachside abode nestled among boulders in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, to a former monastery outside Rome dating back to the fifteenth century. Each project is accompanied by the story of how its design was conceived and executed, and how the attributes of each country inspired its owners—including Juan Pablo Molyneux, Juan Montoya, Inson Dubois Wood, Lars Bolander, Alessandra Branca, Clodagh, Timothy Corrigan, Mica Ertegun, Fisher Weisman, and Cortney and Robert Novogratz, among others. Designers Abroad demonstrates how these designers incorporate their passion for travel into their own interiors, and thus inspires readers to add a touch of the exotic to their own homes. , features twenty-two vacation homes of today's top interior designers, exquisitely captured in over 200 lush color photographs.  

Tim Corrigan 

Trisha Wilson

Andrew Fisher and Jeff Weisman - San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.