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Friday, April 19, 2013

How to design the ultimate Man Cave vs Wine Cave

Man Cave requirement: NOT the first place a woman wishes to spend long periods of time. 
The hybrid man cave is the wine cave - often open to both sexes.

Man Cave's were created so a man could make excruciating loud noises or a hot mess without ruining the sofa, carpet,  and curtain fabrics. . 

No Man Cave should be without a vintage Harley Davidson and Exotic European Cars. 

Tony Stark's Man Cave complete with Robot and tools. 

Man Cave muscle car not required but a huge plus. 

The man cave must be a place where one can focus making bizzare and even potentially useful things with ones hands and power tools.

The prototypical dream Man Cave. Tony Stark with not only European Super Cars but some vintage muscle cars as well as robots that he tinkers on.

A traditional man Cave - Car and tools required. Embellished with a state of the art AV system. 

No Man Cave is complete without a few European Vintage or Exotic Cars.

Man Caves and wine caves should be particularly organized to show mastery of ones environment. 

A bottle of Lafite or even cheap beer or Scotch is an added perk of the man cave. 

The wine cave is now a special temple fully designed.

The ultimate wine cave which has replaced the man cave for most affluent finance types should have a fireplace in or nearby. 

The hybrid version of the man Cave is the Wine Cave - open to ladies. 

The wine cave has become so refined even women are happy to partake in the festivities. 

The ulitmate Man Cave in its full evolutionary cycle includes exotic European Collectible cars and high priced bottles of Rothschild Wines. 

 What exactly is a man cave?  Every man knows that it is psychologically beneficial for the male species to have some down time alone or away from wife and kids to tinker around on a hobby or even to just do a little bit of male bonding.  Whether this is true or not has never been proven - however the myth still carries on long after sexism has been banished from the American verbal lexicon.  Whether its a tool shed, work shop in a 2 car garage, basement work bench or simply a wine cave or home theater - this space for activities formerly considered somewhat manly - are still the design input area of the man that the designer defers to.   This is not to say that women do not like or use man caves and have their own.

There are 5 ingredients to the man cave that are absolutely essential.  Those consist of:

1. Music - an instrument or an extremely loud audio visual system.
2. Gaming - electronic or otherwise. Pool table, Video Games,
3. Something related to wood, oil, and metal. Tools, power tools, motor vehicles, wooden models.
4. An atmosphere that women might not necessarily choose as their first choice place to hang out in.
5. A place where somewhat vulgar things might take place such as making a mess and getting ones hands dirty, intoxication, smoking of horribly smelling tobaccos, use of foul language, and extremely low budget movies, low stakes gambling.
Sensitive subject - Alcohol - is actually not required but considered by some to be an added bonus. ( in fact the Wine cave can be a hybrid Man Cave. )  Close proximity to one or more loud motor vehicles, power tools,  a swimming pool or barbeque grill also gets one additional points towards gravity of a particular man cave.

The Man Cave is not  a particularly new invention at all in fact with the flight from the cities to the suburbs in the 1950's men suddenly found themselves with 2 car garages and basements.
Many a father and grand father could be found tinkering away on hobbies, building models, fixing things, and inventing things.  There became a competition between neighborhoods regarding who had the most interesting machines and tools. Its was classic leave it to Beaver - dad and son bonding time.

As more and more men began focussing on sporting and sports events for bonding a bit of the man cave phenomenon disappeared. The overall trend started towards evening entertainment as people became more affluent and the bar and wine cave began to emerge.   The wine cave was cleaner and more sophisticated and women were even allowed to partake.  Wine caves became a part of the interior decorator's scope as something chic and user friendly for both men and women.  Children are not traditionally allowed in the man cave as there are often dangerous things there, however it is often a coming of age intiation rite of passage when a young man ( or woman ) is allowed to tinker around in the man cave.

Finally the man cave made a bit of a comeback with the advent of car collecting in the last 20 years.  Vintage muscle cars were always cool, but with new found wealth at stratospheric levels - vintage european cars emerged as the leading currency of cool. Vintage Ferraris and Porsches now fetch upwards of 20 million dollars.  Displaying ones auto trophies became a critical part of the "art collection."  The man cave is not a particular hygenic place - see later in our chapter on Art studio.

Todays Man Cave has two alternates or complements: the home theatre or the wine cave.  The wine cave is often open to women, while the home theatre is open to women and kids.  The Man Cave has even been known to be taken over by more zealous women as of late, but the that is another chapter which focuses more on the garden room and greenhouse conservatory.  Additionally while men love a wonderful walk in closet - a womens true woman cave is the dressing room closet which will be covered in the next chapter. - Ecomanta