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Monday, April 22, 2013

Secret Tips from Interior Designer, Inson Wood, on how to Make Liveable Timeless Interiors.

We asked the master designer architect, Inson Wood, who studied under Rem Koolhaas and Wolf Prix as well as was design director for David Easton and Juan Pablo Molyneux what are the secrets of timeless design.  We invited him to pick some of his favorite designers and comment what was successful.  Mr. Wood is partial to Northern European designers such Axel Vandervoort and Piet Boon.  The following are his secret tips:
  1. Eliminate Clutter  - Keep it Zen where possible.
  2. Keep the palette natural and use earth tones. Keep color to elements you can switch out seasonally such as art, pillows, throws or portable items.
  3. Good architecture makes for good decorating - whether modern or traditional and everything in between - the bones must be well proportional otherwise everything is out of balance.
  4. Texture and light are critical as is durable fabrics - there is nothing worse than a living room you don't use. Think to yourself - is it puppy friendly? This matters whether you have a dog or not. ( many guests are far worse!
  5. Symmetry is a useful tool even if you consciously decide to break it.  
  6. The put your feet up - even in formal rooms, its wonderful that you feel as if one could kick back and put their feet up ( even if they don't. ) 
  7. And finally - make it liveable and inviting so your friends and family want to come over and have a great time.  You should be relaxed and want to share your home - maybe even serve RED wine in addition to white.