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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Secret tips on Decorating, Top Interior Designer in New York City, Inson Wood, reveals Secrets to Interior Design

Interior Designer in New York City, Inson Wood, suggests rooms must have clean lines and be truly liveable. A home that is not inviting to friends and family is not a home.  It must read: please come and join me and lets get to know one another better. Nurturing relationships is the ultimate goal. 

Inson Wood's design philosophy is not about the room - its about an attitude towards a holistic lifestyle of excellence. What ever purchase your designer recommends, you have to ask what is its value now and over time - is it timeless in its beauty, proportion, scale, function, and craftsmanship. 

Inson suggests that Charitable giving is the ultimate reward at the elevated level and embraces Warren Buffet's call to give away "half" of one's net assets - regardless of station in life. At a minimum 10% is the rule from Tony Robbins to Buddha.  To practice non-attachment is the true reward, Harvard studies show time and again that the simple act of giving is the single most rewarding feeling a human can receive. Above, Inson Wood's design for Leonard Blavatnik's Woolworth Mansion on E. 63rd Street.
Fill your home with collectibles. There is nothing more comforting than to know that what you are purchasing will never end up in a landfill and will appreciate over time - from Art to Furniture and Lighting resale is key. Coffee table and mirror by Herve Van der Straaten.

Inson Wood particularly loves custom furniture designed by European grand master Herve Van der Straaten.  Inson Wood on the most important room: Regardless of your style - every home must have a library.  Holding a physical book and curling up by the fire is mans last vestige before "artificial intelligence" takes over. It saddens me that the younger generations don't have to know or remember anything - books will soon be extinct link "just google it/me and text me the link/address." Humans are a tactile creature we need to see and feel the pages of a book.

Take time to download somewhere where you can be without your iphone for a while. 

Decorating tip #3: Go somewhere that you can have time to appreciate nature that has no satellite service. More important than the horse hair and shagreen top stitching detail on your club chair Ottoman, is that you are well rested for your guests.  If it combines a few friends and a new exotic location such as Chiangmai, Bhutan or Tibet even better.

Go somewhere new and fun where the only fashion is a pair of flip flops and a loose fitting towel.  That said, Mr, Wood has a few suggestions for keeping those dinner times fashionable such as loading up on a few leisure wear cotton items from Calypso and a young phenom approaching Haute Couture, Tanya Taylor,

For many it is not always important what is in the home, but also what is outside it. Beyond garden sculptures...  a collectible vintage Ferrari is always a good investment and provides for plenty of conversation for guests.

The ultimate decorating tip is to get art that makes you happy and has value monetarily or otherwise. 

Art is the single most important thing in a home - when a magazine goes to publish a project the first thing they want to know is:"Is there Art?"  Art shows a sense of culture, sophistication, and behind every painting is a wonderful story worth telling to your guests and family member.  It doesnt matter if its a Polaroid picture or a grand Picasso - art shows others you have an appreciation for the beauty of life.

Art by Gerhard Richter - timeless and appreciating in value by the minute.

Collectible furniture / art by Wendell Castle

Solid stone coffee table by Joris Laarman. Collectible furniture is a must according to New York Interior Designer,  Inson Wood
Natural materials such as this stone coffee table. Collectible furniture is never out of style.

Inson Wood loves a dining table that allows people to be close to one another but still gives a sense of hierarchy.  

Inson Wood on the most important object in a home: The breakfast table in an open kitchen.  90 percent of activity including entertaining occurs in the kitchen.  Even Michael Bloomberg is seen hanging out in the kitchen at most cocktail parties.  The breakfast table is the most coveted gathering spot in a home.

According to Inson Wood,  its all about the art.  The Art of Life. Photo/ Painting by Gerhard Richter.
Inson Wood is one of New York City's most sought after interior designers. 
Inson Wood with Architectural Digest Editor In Chief, Margaret Russell.  Inson Wood collaborated with Fendi for a space with DIFFA Dining by Design in conjunction with the Architectural Digest Home Design Show in New York.

Inson Wood, one of New York City's top interior designers, has a philosophy on interior design that extends beyond the room or even the house itself. Wood feels that a true tastemaker must provide their clients with a lifestyle of excellence at every level.  In addition to designing incredibly sleek interiors in an array of styles, Mr. Wood advises on art, fashion, vintage cars, charitable causes, health regimens and even vacation spots.  Mr. Wood is currently working on 3 manor homes in Greenwich, 3 Townhouses on the Upper East Side, and penthouses on Central Park South.  In addition Wood is collaborating with luxury brands such as Fendi, Hermes, and will be doing the Holiday House Hamptons which raises money for the Evelyn Lauder Breast Cancer Research Foundation.