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Monday, April 8, 2013

Secret tips on How to Lay out a Living Room

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While Design Director at David Easton, I was fortunate to work directly with the master Architect Decorator himself.  David Easton was the king of the Baronial Manor, but also had a secret affinity for small liveable spaces and creating a sense of place regardless of the scale of the room.  His biggest rule was to embrace an extremely regimented system of rules regarding classical proportions and symmetry and then break those rules in very subtle ways.  No room is ever truly symmetrical, he instructed me, but the room must appear to have symmetry at all times.  We often employed window seats that were slightly askew and even seating arrangements that were symmetrical in nearly every way, but then rearranged to create the ultimate intrigue. Symmetry around a mantle was key, but then the art would often be very irregular.  - Inson Wood