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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Best of the Hamptons and the reasons we go.

Have a house near the beach
Shop at your own leisure

Have a garage without an attendant

show off your latest beach bag 

hang out a be ridiculous for no apparent reason.

Have a pool with a view

Have a pool house

Listen to music 

Use your kitchen or show it off. 

be fashionable for no reason.

Ride or tinker.

Take time for tea.

Drive around town without being in a rush.

park your car on the grass with the top down. 

Have a modern kitchen

Room with a view

be modern because its easier to keep clean

Have a garage that is tidy

go boating

Have a quirky kitchen

Take time for a bath

Dress up for parties, weddings, and galas.

hang out

do nothing

have a real wine cave 

Have a real man cave

eat meals at the island

go celebrity spotting

Have room for a walk in closet 

Have room for your collections

Have room for your collectibles

take time to get in shape

have old things and buy old things

Have nothing

show off occassionally 

Have a house by the water
The best places to go in the Hamptons are not the restaurants or the clubs. The best places to go are the private homes.  The homes that are meant to host parties and designed to let you relax. Anything that you cannot have in the big city is what makes the Hamptons special - primarily space and time. With space and time - friends and even uninvited guests behave and look much better. - Ecomanta