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Friday, July 26, 2013

Alberto Pinto - Secret Tips of the Master Interior Designer

Apartment in Paris


Borrowing from various cultural influences from his earliest childhood, Alberto Pinto, an inescapable actor
of interior design, has built his works on the interbreeding and mixture of genders from more than baroque to less than bare.

After having attended the “Ecole de Louvre” in Paris, he created a photography agency in New York (USA) specializing in decoration and interior design. It is during these shoots in Mexico, England, Italie or India that he acquired his taste for design, the sense of volumes and the game of colors. All these elements become decisive for the rest of his career. Alberto Pinto was a master of materials rarely revealing his secret sources nor his fabrication techniques which employed master craftsman and unique exotic materials.

Refusing to conceive narrow and closed universes, he naturally oriented himself towards “big projects”. Used to rising to challenges which would scare others away, he particularly appreciated being given gigantic spaces in which he put together styles and very different periods in an always perfect harmony.

Strengthened by his experience and always looking for new challenges, Alberto Pinto specialized himself in atypical places such as large yachts or private jets.

The eclecticism of his projects and his insatiable quest for perfection and for refinement allowed him to discover the best international artisans with whom he regularly surrounds himself.

In entire confidentiality and the most total discretion, Alberto Pinto creates on all the continents private residences to offices or even palaces for the greats of this world. More over, his high-end clientele all agree he has brought interior design up to the status of “Haute Interior Design.”

Today, Alberto Pinto is developing a home collection in collaboration with the best manufacturers. A new feather in his hat which allows him to distil one more time the added spirit he leaves behind as signature in all the domains he touches.
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