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Monday, July 15, 2013

Modern Residential Design - John Pawson as Zen Minimalist

John Pawson - Minimalist Architect.

John Pawson was born in 1949 in Halifax, Yorkshire. After a period in the family textile business he left for Japan, spending several years teaching English at the business university of Nagoya. Towards the end of his time there he moved to Tokyo, where he visited the studio of Japanese architect
and designer Shiro Kuramata. Following his return to England, he enrolled at the Architecture Association in London, leaving to establish his own practice in 1981.

From the outset the work has focused on ways of approaching fundamental problems of space, proportion, light and materials, rather than on developing a set of stylistic mannerisms — themes he also explored in his book Minimum, first published in 1996, which examines the notion of simplicity in art, architecture and design across a variety of historical and cultural contexts.

"Pawson remains one of the most significant architects of our time - few others have shown such rigorous discipline bordering on monastic. The rest of us can only dream of being so definitively restrained." - Inson Wood

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