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Monday, July 22, 2013

Ora-Ito Sabena technics - Airplane


Sabena technics - Airplane

 Sabe­na tech­nics and ORA-ÏTO are work­ing on an in­no­va­tive in­te­ri­or de­sign con­cept, unique to the avi­a­tion in­dus­try.
This year, Sabe­na tech­nics, a key play­er in the air­craft main­te­nance sec­tor called on ORA-ÏTO, the “en vogue” de­sign­er of the cen­tu­ry, for his vi­sio­nary ta­l­ents to draw the fu­ture and work to­gether to give new life to the know-how and the tech­no­log­i­cal de­vel­op­ment of its ac­tiv­i­ty «Busi­ness avi­a­tion, by Sabe­na tech­nics».
The dis­crete busi­ness avi­a­tion world has en­tered a new era; the icon­o­clas­tic de­sign­er has turned the aero­nau­ti­cal codes up­side down and in­vent­ed an in­te­ri­or right out from the fu­ture. The corn­er­s­tone of this part­n­er­ship, Sabe­na tech­nics and ORA-ÏTO de­vel­op the air­craft of the 3rd mil­len­ni­um, based on the prin­ci­ple of «Sim­plex­i­ty», where an ap­par­ent sim­plic­i­ty is giv­en to ob­jects with com­plex func­tions. In­spired by what dic­tates busi­ness avi­a­tion, the re­fur­bish­ing has been con­ceived to bring to light, through the shapes and the ma­te­rials used, the key val­ues of Sabe­na tech­nic­s1 ex­per­tise: know-how, qual­i­ty and in­no­va­tion. The in­n­er-body of the air­craft, one unique fluid de­sign, gives a com­plete feel­ing of open­ness across the air­craft and through­out its lounge, meet­ing and re­cep­tion ar­eas. In line with its eco-com­mit­ment phi­lo­so­phy, ORA-ÏTO has de­vel­oped the air­craft’s en­tire struc­ture with an ar­chi­tec­tu­ral feel us­ing monoblocks, which in­te­grate with per­fect har­mony the se­lect fur­ni­ture en­tire­ly cov­ered in leather. He has imagined, through his time­less and uni­ver­sal style, a refined and un­c­lut­tered en­vi­ron­ment com­bined with unique com­fort. This new air­craft in­te­ri­or, to be en­tire­ly un­veiled next fall, will of­fer the avi­a­tion in­dus­try a re­al ex­pe­ri­ence, a show­case of tech­nol­o­gy, nev­er seen in air tran­s­port.

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