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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Decorator Secret Tips: Where to find Good Lighting - Interior Design Trade Secret Sources

Our philosophy is to have our entire focus and attention to detail and overall composition. At the highest level, bad lighting can completely ruin a beautiful project. The workshop that a piece is made and from which materials is key - but also of equal importance is the actual licensed guild that created and by what method.  Even the date matters as certain techniques employed yield different results.  Docementation of this is of utter importance. We sign and date our bespoke furniture and try to acquire design items which also have recognizable traits or labels and signatures. This often takes time and intense energy to vet the item.  Our team is trained in the art of excellence - to discern the real from the fake and the known from the obscure. The goal is not about being fashionable - it is to decide what will be timeless for generations to come. Often times when taking on a new renovation clients ask that we sell their existing furniture, rugs , or lighting under the assumption that it has worth or value. Unfortunately, without a named historical, reference, stamp, signature or other Provenance - most furniture is throwaway. The best thing you can do is donate it to Housing Works and get a tax deduction.  With our projects we aim to create future antiques or purchase vintage or custom pieces that have value as a result of the notoriety of the designer. In a world where everything can be looked up on the internet and the interior design world appears on every reality show - luxury exclusive and private collections are coveted.  Secret sources remain valuable to creating the most fabulous and unexpected environments to delight one's guests. The world of prive should be exactly that. The above pieces can be purchased through Inson Dubois Wood LLC.