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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Edwina Sandys - Master Artist and Grand-daughter of the Great Winston Churchill

Millenium Circle - By Edwina Sandys

Waterfall Mansion to feature the Artwork of Edwina Sandys

In this period, many call the "Millennium of the Woman", it is apropos that the art work a woman sculptor be featured in the Waterfall Mansion.  Afterall the Waterfall Mansion, conceived by a business woman, Kate Shin and designed by a female Japanese Architect and promoted by another hard working woman the premiere elite of American Royalty - Ivanka Trump. It is thus fitting that in a time when the world has over 10 female Prime Ministers, and even in America is considering women as Vice -President and now President, that a former politician turned artist, Edwina Sandys,  would be featured a one of the Upper East Sides most dramatic Urban Villas.  Edwina Sandys work is particularly au current as it addresses issues many of us struggle with today, what is the role of the woman in the work place and with the family. How does the modern woman compete in what is still often "a man's world" and be taken seriously while still holding on to her sensuality and feminine side.
Edwina Sandys work explores the issues of seeking balance as humans but also in relation to greater political world view.