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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Inson Wood and Ivanka Trump to Launch the Waterfall Mansion 2 ideal buyer - Brad and Angelina, Tom and Gisele, Beckham and Victoria

Inson Wood and Ivanka Trump will be lauching the Waterfall Mansion.  Ivanka Trump - A brand unto herself and always leading by example. Education, Work, Family, Style and Culture. 
Inson Wood and Ivanka Trump

Inson Wood and Ivanka Trump are teaming up to Launch the Waterfall Mansion

Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner, The opitome of the successful "power couple",  are a perfect example of the kind of client who would consider purchasing the Waterfall Mansion.  The Ground floor has a wonderful entertainment area that could double as a huge dining room and perfect space to show off one's art collection.

Inson Wood, who was selected for Avenue Magazine, Distinguished Designers is working with Ivanka Trump to launch the Waterfall Townhouse by redoing the entire interior design with all of the worlds top elite companies.

Inson Wood. Coming from an Art Collecting Family on one side and an Art producing family on the other,  Inson Wood,  knows the value of living with art.  According to Inson Wood, "It is proven that living with art soothes the mind, and that making art, even as a hobbyist, increases life expectancy and intelligence." 

The Waterfall Mansion - a former carriage house could house your  Giacometti, Brancusi, Koons, Warhol and Lichtenstein as well as your Ferrari or Harley collection.

Kate Shin, developed the Waterfall Mansion,  to create a space for art and a feeling of getting back to nature with a waterfall and 3 terraces. 

Waterfall Mansion has a spectacular facade. 

The Waterfall Mansion - has a fabulous waterfall. Manhattans largest indoor waterfall. 

Townhouse living - the rear garden. 

The waterfall doubles as a Crestron projection screen - 25' tall. 

Ivanka Trump - Working mom - with time for kids. 

Upper Eastside is the ideal place for young couples with children - proximity to schools and Central Park are paramount. Being near Museum mile and great restaurants is an added plus. 

Ivanka Trump - Anyone with children knows the benefit of living in a townhouse - being able to load the car with the stroller without the entire avenue watching and waiting is a huge plus. 

Inson Wood says anyone with two children or more should absolutely consider owning a townhouse - it lets you partition the activities and allows for privacy and focus. A basement family room for teenage gamers and a gym to workout in, mareas for homework and downloading, a nursery for nappers, a man cave for dad, a dressing room for mom, a roof terrace for cocktails and barbeque, all on different levels - it minimizes noise and distraction. Its as close to suburban living as you will get with all the benefits of a cultural stimulating city right out side your door step. 

Inson Wood works with several high energy celebrities including CNN correspondent Deb Feyerick and is now starting a project with Liz Claman star of  Fox Business News "Closing Bell." Inson Wood says: "The Townhouse Mansion is ideal, a full live-in or part time caretaker is less than the Maintenance of most Upper East Side Co-op/ Condos. 

Inson Wood of Inson Dubois Wood is teaming up with Ivanka Trump to launch the fall campaign of The Waterfall Mansion. Both interior designer/ architect, Inson Wood, and Fashion Designer Realestate Mogul, Ivanka Trump - live the Renaissance lifestyle - involved with creative as well as business projects of all kinds and embracing philanthropy, culture, art collecting and health. The concept around this PR campaign is to brand the Waterfall Mansion as a ultra elite luxury lifestyle with a holistic approach to art, architecture, and culture.  My intention is to create the ideal urban oasis for the busy professional couple.  It would be a couple who wishes to have a family and who really enjoy entertaining in the "New York City" sense, with room to host a real dinner party, host charitable event and display a collection of fine art or even have a film opening. There is ample space and fabulous acoustics that one could even have a musical performance.  I imagine power couples like Gisele and Tom, Beckham and Victoria, Brad and Angelina to want a townhouse mansion like the Waterfall Mansion - this is a home for an art collector who benefits from having vertical living for children and entertaining.  Jared and Ivanka are great inspiration - they would probably enjoy living in a townhouse when they have their second child."

Rumor has it that there will also be artwork by internationally acclaimed artist, Edwina Sandys, Winston Churchill's Grand daughter. The Waterfall Mansion Fall Campaign will be unveiled in early October - we cannot wait to see what this dynamic duo has is store.  - Jennifer Weston

With four children Beckham and Victoria would be the perfect candidates for The Waterfall Mansion 14,000 sf.  5 bedrooms. 

Or perhaps....The Waterfall Mansion would be perfect for Giesele Bundchen and Tom Brady - for her a 3000 sf Dressing room and for Him with a 100' living room/ entertainment room equipped with 25' waterfall  he can practice his  football and then relax in the basement gym/ man cave equipped with a 70 Samsung LED, Steinway Mc Intosh stereo system,  sauna, jacuzzi, full bathroom, and 1000 foot wine cave. 

Rough house with the kids: Room for football, soccer, and an occassional charity event! 
Power couple candidates for the Waterfall Mansion, Brad and Gisele - even the LA elite couple can use a Manhattan Pied a Terre. 
Brad and Gisele - ready to buy in Manhattan now that there LA home is finished.