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Friday, September 6, 2013

Inson Wood: Book Signing at A'maree's Fashion Boutique: Monacelli Press best selling design book "Designer Abroad"

Inson Wood will be appearing at A'maree's for his book signing "Designers Abroad" Fri. September 6th 2013 at 6pm.
Inson Wood will be signing copies of his book Designers Abroad by Monacelli Press at A'maree's

Inson Wood with Margaret Russel, Editor in Chief of Architectural Digest.

Hosting Inson Wood's book signing at A'maree's, Denise Schaefer and Christian Buhl.

A'maree's is the leading Fashion boutique with one of most selective haute couture and collectible curated pieces available. A'maree's gets the elite picks from Balenciaga, The Row and a host of exclusive European luxury brands.
Hosting Inson Wood's "Designer's Abroad" book was a good co-branding of a holistic lifestyle.

A'maree's,  California's leading fashion boutique will be hosting Inson Wood's book signing.

Denise Schaefer runs A'maree's with her 2 sisters and their mother, proving where you buy is as important as what you buy. 

The future is in our hands - go eco-friendly.  A'maree's is also hosting the launch of Shinola Cycling company's new bikes.

Inson Wood will appear at A'marees's in Newport Beach, California for his book signing of "Designers Abroad - Inside the Vacation Homes of top Decorators"  - Monacelli Press best selling interior design book featuring the work of Inson Wood, Juan Montoya, Timothy Corrigan, Courtney Novogratz, Clodagh, Mica Ertugun,  Juan Pablo Molyneux, and Alessandra Branca.  4-8 pm September 6th, 2013