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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Ivanka Trump and Inson Wood to collaborate on Kate Shin's Waterfall Mansion

Inson Wood will be collaborating with Ivanka Trump to promote Kate Shin's Waterfall Mansion.  Inson Wood will be creating the interior design and curating much of the art, antiques, and other collectibles  through out the 14,000 sf house.  Working with only the highest level brands such as Chesney's Wall Paper, Hakimian Rugs, Gracie Wall Paper and Furniture Lighting and Fabrics from such places as Christopher Hyland, Donghia and Promemoria.  
Inson Wood will be collaborating with Ivanka Trump to promote the Waterfall Mansion.  As Ivanka Trump is the penultimate, Powerhouse Business Owner  and Real estate Mogul, her insights will be invaluable in developing a strategy to maximize the exposure of the Waterfall Mansion developed by Kate Shin. 

Inson Wood will be collaborating with Ivanka Trump to promote Kate Shins Waterfall Mansion for  6 month media extravaganza featurning Charitable Galas and Art and Cultural  Events.  The Upper East Side is both affluent and cool - Madonna has a triple wide Townhouse across the way and Donny Deutsch townhouse is a few blocks away. The East side of Lexington has become very chic with Citarella, Payard, Eric Keyser, Sabon taking over 3rd Ave! and old staples such as Orsay Restaurant on Lexington Avenue. 

Inson Wood and renowned artist, Edwina Sandy, grand-daughter of the Great Winston Churchill, Prime Minister of England.  Opening night at the Waterfall Mansion will feature some of her iconic artwork and help promote several Cancer Research Foundations as well as Educational Scholarships.

Ferrari will be participating in the campaign at the Waterfall Mansion.

Inson Wood is collaborating on several projects with Ferrari including the Waterfall Mansion

Waterfall Mansion is large townhouse fully equipped for entertaining large gatherings.

Top Interior Designer, Inson Wood will be creating all of the interiors at the Waterfall Mansion which should be ready for the opening gala on October 10th,  2013.

Inson Wood has created fantastic environments in the past for several Mansion Gala events.

The Waterfall Mansion will be used in a Robert De Niro film.

Ivanka Trump will be promoting the Waterfall Mansion with Inson Wood. 

Kate Shin is the mastermind behind developing the Waterfall Mansion concept and plans to continue her wholistic luxury lifestyle living brand into several new ventures.  An avid lover  and collector of art, Kate Shin, developed the Waterfall Mansion specifically for the intended buyer to exhibit art work of all scales. With soaring ceilings almost any size piece of art can be accomodated. 

6 fully built out levels make the Waterfall Mansion a fabulous place to entertain and have wonderful dinner parties.

Mansion/Townhouse living is one of the most civilized way to live in New York City - great for family lifestyle living and entertaining, freedom to come and go when you want, no sharing elevators, and if you are lucky a fabulous roof terrace  with views. Waterfall mansion has 3 garden terraces, jacuzzi, sauna, 1000 bottle wine cave, elevator, 25' ceiling on the main level with a wonderful waterfall.