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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Waterfall Mansion Unveiling will be the most coveted Party in New York City - Ivanka Trump and Inson Wood

Ivanka Trump of Trump Realty and Ferrari are collaborating with Inson Wood to make 

Inson Wood created this stone"Sauvage Beaute" chaise as a tribute to the late Alexander McQueen with Daphne Guiness as his muse.  Life should be seen as if through the lens of Steven Klein. 

Inson Wood has created fantastical enviroments - this should be no differernt. 

Inson Wood is working on a book with Christopher Hyland and Durston Saylor.

Inson Wood's firm focusses primarily on Residential Design and has projects in New York, Greenwich, Hamptons,  LA, Switzerland, Italy, France and Thailand.

Design for the center for Ecological Studies and Technology - Dubai - by Inson Wood

The work of Inson Wood has appeared in Architectural Digest

Inson Wood works in both modern and traditional styles and loves to mix them.

With Durston Saylor

With the worlds top 20 interior designers and architects at the book signing Designers Abroad edited by Michele Keith and published by Monacelli Press - which Inson Wood was featured. 

Edgy paintings included in an room by Inson Wood

Sara Gore and Liz Claman - with Inson Wood

Chau-Giang "Coco" Thi Nguyen will have paintings and perform at the Waterfall Mansion opening nite.

Inson Wood was featured in Designers Abroad - Monacelli Press best selling book ever.

Inson Wood co-founded a cycling team to promote young riders and charitable giving to 3 charities per year.

Inson Wood studied Architecture at Cornell University, the only 5 year undergrad architecture Ivy program where he won 5 awards and fellowships,  and Harvard University GSD for his Masters degree when Frank Gehry, Zaha Hadid, Wolf Prix and Rem Koolhaas were teaching there.  He was offered a job from Wolf Prix of Coop Himmelblau in Vienna upon graduation.

There will be custom designed furniture by Inson Wood.  Custom dog bed by Inson Dubois Wood LLC.

Ecomanta: We have been hearing so much about the collaboration of you with Ivanka Trump, Ferrari and the Waterfall Mansion, Warhols, Wine, Women of note. What exactly is the purpose of this event at the Waterfall Mansion.
Inson Wood: "It is merely an exercise in the never ending Search for the Sublime. Ivanka Trump will be there if she doesnt have her in the words of her eponymous father, Donald, You're fired...this interview is over! No just kidding, but seriously? I can't really talk about it other than to say there will be some very serious artists including Winston Churchill's grand-daughter, Edwina Sandys - who is a phenomenal artists and has pieces all over the world in museums and very prominent private collections."

Waterfall Mansion unveiling will occur on October 10, 2013 and is sponsored by Ferrari and Trump Realty. There will be Warhol, Koons, and Serra among others on display as well as art from Edwina Sandys - world renowned artist, Grand Daughter of the Great Winston Churchill. Edwina will be making an appearance.