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Friday, September 13, 2013

Why do we decorate? Decorator secret tips from Enfant Terrible of the Taste Makers - Inson Wood

Clients puppy drooling on the 100 percent pure silk carpet - consult your decorator and ask about secret sample sales, just in case.
The guest room is one place to have a little fun. Hermes Kaufman Orange #27 is a sure fire way to get a little wow factor that only your guest has to live with.  

Ceiling heights are everything.  Before any renovations or decorating occur - buy a home with high ceilings.
Rentability and Resale matter - if not for you - then for your heirs.

Rule #1 - Wolf Range - double oven - will increase lifestyle and resale by 20%.

Durable counter tops - no one likes a stained kitchen - no one.

Open Kitchen with huge island. - even Michael Bloomberg hangs out in the kitchen at parties - best h'ors .d'houevres and beverage selection - and the one place to chat with the host and the more interesting wait staff.

Breakfast nook rules: glass top, ultra leather wipeable banquette seating, ample lighting, and dare I say it TV!
Minimize stains and fights, wipeable with 7th Gen or 409/ Windex - is the golden rule. 

Storage, storage, storage, his and her maple closets can save your marriage or if you are single - help you find a partner. 

White - for bathrooms - who doesn't like to know that their clean zone is clean.

Get organized - you can never have too many built-ins or built out closets. 

Best Practices - good habits - teach your younguns to be organized. Saves hours. 

Let's say it again - teach your descendants to be organized. 

Let's say it one last time - lead by example. Organize, organize, organize.

Remember we decorate for one reason - to entertain.  If that means having a huge TV for Oscar and Super Bowl night - then so be it. Make your home so inviting and comfortable - that you actually want to invite others if only to show off. 

Man cave or Woman Cave - because everyone needs a room to which they can close the door and get a little work done or at least check up on their latest Facebook post number of likes. 

Kids matter - splashes color mixed with calm and dust free environments. 

The projects of Inson Dubois Wood are intended to be pragmatic compositions. In the end - the client needs to come to terms with how they live now and how they want to live in the future.  Inson Wood shows us a few strategies on how to take back our lives by creating built environments that are universally appreciated while being creative and liveable. Storage and built-ins can help you stay organized and help you save thousands of hours of plowing through chaos so you can focus on important things like shopping the Gilt sale on Christian Laboutin, figuring a way to save on your next Fresh Direct President Picks, and getting a killer deal on Four Seasons Koh Samui Thailand. To see more of Inson Wood's fabulous designs - go to

Inson Wood and Editor in Chief of Architectural Digest, Margaret Russell.