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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Bringing up Baby 2, Ivanka Trump and Inson Wood Reimagine The Waterfall Mansion. Sneak Preview.

In the world of showmanship, Be respectful and approachable regardless of how you really feel. - Larry Gagosion. 
 We all just want to have fun...and make a little money doing what we like - Edwina Sandys.

In the end it has to memorable...worth watching more than once. - Donald Trump
Inson Wood created the most glamorous woman's Sitting Room the Upper East side has ever seen. Leger meets Warhol meets Chagall

Inson Wood's transformation of the family room with an unusual choice of art was absolutely stunning.

Inson Wood designed this magnificent family room.

Inson Wood designed an inceredibly clean lined masterbedroom - with a Hastens Matress

I wanted to create a home that is all about living with art - Kate Shin

The goal is not the party itself - its what people take away from the experience - Inson Wood

Being fashionable is a state of mind. You can never step into the same river twice - Anna Wintour 

Regardless of your station in life and your family background, do not forget to spend quality time with your family. 

The far east had great influence on Europeans and Europe in the past and will inevitably do so again. - Michael Bloomberg with Vladimir Putin

New York City has yet to make any real architecture. Its best attempt was the George Washington Bridge - Le Corbusier

Be glamourous and hardworking. Outspoken and engaging. - Ivanka Trump

Remember your friends  - John Boone

Know your Target Audience and your demographic, or make one - Andy Warhol

Regardless of the financial prowess of the husband, it is the woman who buys and ultimately transforms the house.  - Inson Wood

Quality Wall paper has transformed over the generations but the essentials have always remained. - Mike Gracie 

Be willing to open yourself up to new things and fully share your home with your guests. - Kate Shin
Know your craft, then pursue it to the highest level. - Ralph Lauren

Make sure you remember what people want - to belong and feel special. - Madonna