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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Inson Wood branding The Waterfall Mansion: Picasso, Chagall, Ferrari, and Ivanka Trump, Baby!

Inson Wood selected a collectible Ferrari California to make his grand entrance as part of the overall experience - one of 3 available in midnight blue. Inson insisted on blue as the color of nature - blue water and blue skies.  The Waterfall Mansion is aptly named as it is the largest indoor Waterfall in New York City. 
Inson Wood receiving the penultimate and ever glamorous guest of honor, Ivanka Trump. 

Inson Wood and Ivanka Trump meeting some of the contributing artists to The Waterfall Mansion.

Inson Wood rolled out Red Carpet treatment for, Ivanka Trump, one of America's true Royal family, greeting her at the front door and giving her a tour through the Waterfall Mansion unveiling his interior design masterpiece of all six floors, 2 terraces, and roof garden. 

Inson Wood with Ivanka Trump discussing the benefits of the outdoor garden on the master wing level next to the master bedroom. 
Ivanka Trump in the Baby Room/ Nursery with world class Interior Designer Architect, Inson Wood.
Revealing the various child friendly art by Jeff Koons, Edwina Sandys and Philanthropist Henry Buhl. 

Inson Wood showing Ivanka Trump a rare Dubuffet tapestry he selected,  a true crowd pleaser - especially since it had never seen before in public. Truly one of a kind masterclass approach to decorating and interior design.

Inson Wood and Barbara Regna, always good to have some European royalty on hand. A stunning piece by Ferndinand Leger in the background.

Collecting, Dealing and making art has always been a passion for Inson Wood, coming from a line of family members who heavily collected art on one side and on the other side  - created art at the highest level which has been shown around the world in national museums. 

Inson Wood discussing the extemely rare piece by Chagall in the Penthouse Master Wing that over looks Madonna's triple wide townhouse. 

Inson Wood has become known for having parties that people actually want to go to - to keep things engaging he has a no texting policy and cel phone calls must be taken outside.  "God knows I have broken all the rules of social etiquette, but if you go to a party - go to have fun and meet new people, be outlandish, make new friends, exchange todays world a little eye contact can go a long way - that can't  happen when you're texting."

Inson Wood loves throwing a diverse party inviting some downtown LES and Dumbo brilliance with young artists, writers, poets including talent such as Jimmy Fallons premier joke writer.  Downtown Ace-Soho-Tribeca Partnership founder, Mega Art Collector and Philanthropist,  Henry Buhl and his entourage of talented artists and writers also attended.  "I love mixing people of all ages and economic backgrounds, inviting emerging artists, intellectuals, tech startup creators,  with established Gallery Owners, Museum Board Trustees, Angel Investors and Ceo's - the more colorful the better. One never knows what can happen when great minds come together...that's what I love about New York City" - Inson Wood

Inson Wood and his Client, Sasha Vincent, in the waterfall with a very unique chair by Craig Van Den Brulle. 

Inson Wood chose a striking Doris Leslie Blau Rug in aqua to compliment the Chagall in the background.

One of Inson Wood's signature moves is the use of 100 year old Gracie wall paper, even in modern settings. " The wall itself should be a work of art...not just the painting or sculpture that goes in front of it." An Edwina Sandys sculpture in the foreground and 3 very exceptional Picassos in the background. 

Inson Wood, Elba Galvan, Noelle and Jason Kahan

It was a wonderful turnout. There were over 500 guests from over 39 nations and 5 continents.

Inson Wood discussing the importance of Blue Chip art as a way to diversify your investment portfolio - often far out performing the Dow and S&P 500.

Inson Wood was off to several other charitable galas that same evening including one at Gracie Mansion hosted by Michael Bloomberg.
With the majestic Edwina Sandys - master sculptor and grand-daughter of Winston Churchill. The piece on the left is statuary marble carved by Edwina with a backdrop of Gracie antique wall paper.

Inson Wood claims his projects are "in search of the sublime and true synesthesia" - some might say he has come close to achieving his goal.  A Rare and stunning piece by Chagall in the background.

Inson Wood often recommends art and lifestyle changes to his clients in addition to providing residential design and decorating services. 

Inson Wood and The Waterfall Mansion: - Living with Art and the Art of Living

Inson Wood gave a tour of the unveiling of his  (re) branding of The Waterfall Mansion inviting some of New Yorks Ultra Elite, such as Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump Jr as well High Society art collectors and makers such as Sculptor Edwina Sandys ( Winston Churchill's Grand daughter, Philanthropist Henry Buhl, Painter Pianist Chau-Giang Thi Nguyen, Jane Pontarelli, and a wish list of Who's Who that could compete with the Met Gala. The art on display was masterclass with pieces by Picasso, Jeff Koons, Andy Warhol, Dubuffet, Chagall, Leger, Braque, LeCorbusier and Calder not to mention many emerging MoMA hopefuls.

Inson Wood, Chau-Giang Thi Nguyen and Philanthropist Jane Pontarelli. 

Inson Wood and Chau-Giang Thi Nguyen in front of her painting. Chau-Giang recently had and art show in Monaco with Ringo Star and Bob Dylan where she performed on a Grand Piano. 
Barbara Viteri and Inson Wood

Inson Wood and Donald Trump Jr. with visionary developer Kate Shin