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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Waterfall Mansion:Trump unveils Inson Wood's Interior Design Concept including 2 Baby rooms.

The Waterfall Mansion - a stately carriage house. Photo by Evan Joseph

Interior Design by Inson Wood. Photo by Evan Joseph

Interior design by Inson Wood. Rug by Marc Phillips. Cabinet by Promemoria. Photo by Evan Joseph.

Female sculpture by Carole Feuer. Photo by Evan Joseph

Filligree metal fence allows open air. Photo by Evan Joseph

Garden design - Landscape Architecture - Plant Specialists. Photo by Evan Joseph

Interiors and Garden by Inson Wood, Sculpture by Carole Feuer. Landscaping by Plant Specialists.
Photo by Evan Joseph

Landscape design by Inson Wood - executed by Plant Specialists. Photo by Evan Joseph

Interior Design by Inson Wood. Art by Marc Chagall. Photo by Evan Joseph

Art by Jeff Koons and Daniel Jackson. Photo by Evan Joseph

The Childrens Nursery with art by Edwina Sandys, Grand Daughter of Winston Churchill.
Photo by Evan Joseph

Stacked by Jeff Koons - a piece on display at the mansion. 

Inson Wood and Jeff Koons

The event was co-sponsored by Ferrari and Maserati. Inson Wood has collaborated with both in the past. 

Inson Wood and Kyoko Waseda of NYAWC and Edward Mapplethorpe 

Inson Wood and Jane Pontarelli. 

With socialites and Philanthropists, Chau-Giang Thi Nguyen and Jane Pontarelli. 

Inson Wood, discussing the history of Marc Chagall with avid learners. Jai Lennard takes photos.

Inson Wood with the illustrious Di Mondo.

Inson Wood with former Vikings Linebacker cum Musician,  Grant Wiley. 

Inson Wood and Adriaan. 

Ivanka Trump and Inson Wood.

Ivanka always a popular guest at any party.

Discussing the Waterfall with Ivanka Trump and Kate Shin.

Examining the childrens room. 

Ivanka Trump and Inson Wood greeting guests. 

Inson Wood and Ivanka Trump.

Edwina Sandys and Inson Wood.

Inson Wood and Cristina Ricco

Inson Wood and Daniella from Unix Gallery

Inson Wood and the Friedmans.

Inson Wood and Coco. 

Inson Wood and Barbara Regna.

Inson Wood and Marc Phillips next to a fantastic Leger.

Inson Wood and Nicholas Kourasaris

Inson Wood with Legendary CNN correspondent, Deb Feyerick.

With Aduio Doctor Dave. 

Discussing Bric Countries and the Asian Tigers. 

Inson Wood, Coco, and Ajay Singh managing director at UBS.