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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Andy Warhol Silver Car Crash at Sothebys: Nearly matches Christies Francis Bacon Record Price.


The abiding elements of Zen come from within, and consist mainly in the mysterious sentiment that lies hidden in the deepest depths of the human heart, and that, when awakened, shakes the whole structure of personality and brings about a great inner mind revolution, which results in a complete change of one’s world-conception. 

According to Inson Wood, who advises his clients on art purchases:
"Tonight at Sothebys we will see where the Art World really stands - Warhol is a Brand Name, yet this piece is highly controversial as it is a black and white image of those killed in car accidents. Warhol pushed the limits of what we consider art and beauty - this is a true masterpiece as it truly asks the question - is life and death beautiful in its fragility."

Zen must be understood from the inside, not from the outside. Morality always binds itself with the ideas of good and evil, just and unjust, virtuous and unvirtuous, and cannot go beyond them…Zen is, however, not tied up with any such ideas; it is as free as the bird flying, the fish swimming, and the lilies blooming. In many ways Andy Warhol was the ultimate Zen Master, embracing our vanity and thrusting it back onto us. Like a Zen Buddhist, he challenged Dogmas and asks questions that are not always comfortable ones. 

With Car Crash - poised to knock Christies Francis Bacon Lucien Freud off its pedestal record price of of 148.4 million dollars,  tonite we will ask what is the sound of one hammer hammering and indeed what is money itself worth - Ecomanta