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Monday, November 11, 2013

Diamonds are Forever, Daniel Libeskind and The Crystal at MGM.

Housed within crystalline, metal-clad shapes, high end retail shops will line Las Vegas Blvd and the Avenue. A dramatic entryway into the retail area from the Strip draws pedestrians into the public arcade, covered by an expressive, spiraling roof structure.
In addition to providing access to retail shops, the public spaces  allow for a variety of urban experiences: a water feature at the entry, cafes and a grand staircase leading to Casino Square at the end of the arcade, animating the whole space. In addition to the main entry off Las Vegas Blvd, there are two entries off the Avenue as well as access to the facility on the second level through pedestrian bridges over Harmon Avenue to the Lifestyle Hotel and over the Avenue from The Mandarin Oriental Hotel. In addition to the casino, hotels and residential buildings, the public retail complex is intended to add a vibrant program to the mixed-use development on Block C
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Daniel Libeskind is the world's foremost architect when it comes pure form - unlike Frank Ghery, Zaha Hadid, Wolf Prix, Libeskind's background in music and philosophy make his structures both visually stunning but also historically and mentally significant.  Behind each is a 1000 page thesis of thought and analysis.  Perhaps his most successful project was the Jewish Museum in Germany for it was in that instance he was not only a Jewish Architect doing a project about the Holocaust, but he felt the need to actually move to Germany to oversee the execution of his vision.  Pure genius at many levels, Libeskind leaves in awe that he could realize his dream in such large scale while giving exquisite attention to detail.  Libeskind has recently come up with proposals for several prefab homes.  Even more interesting is the fact that he hired an architect and interior designer to create his own home - know your limits and focus on what you do best. - Inson Wood

  1. ( Inson Wood is a Harvard trained Architect who specializes in Residential Architecture and Interior design. )