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Friday, November 29, 2013

What to look for in a Top Ski Resort Luxury Chalet Courcheval Val D'Isere

When looking for accommodations at ski resort in Europe, especially in France, Austria or Switzerland - keep in mind that for families or large groups, it is far better to get an entire house since most hotels cannot accommodate families or charge by the person.  The beauty of having your own private chalet is that you get to cook how you want and when you want. Keep in mind that a lot of small European towns are still on the Christian rules and open only during limited hours and entirely closed on Sundays.

Obviously a working kitchen is key with the ability to entertain friends and family.  The key elements to have are a large congregating space to enjoy the fireplace and socialize after all apart from skiing the point is to relax.  Make sure there is ample wood and fur to give that true Chalet experience.
Added pluses are the exercise room and water features such as a pool or jacuzzi.