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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Decorators Secret Sources - Designer Tips How to create timeless Decorating

Earth tones and natural materials add a feeling of timelessness regardless of the style of decor you choose to pursue. Above all select good artwork. Inson Wood advises his clients to choose each item of their home for its intrinsic beauty as well as its integrity. 

Inson Wood suggests using color sparingly when creating a timeless feeling. 

Whether creating a Zen minimalist environment or a Traditional Baronial Home,  Inson Wood advises his clients to invest in antiques and old objects - each piece creates the composition, but must also be unique in its own right.

"It's all about the story. Each object should have it's own story. Without stories we are devoid of culture and history" - Inson Wood

According to Inson Wood  - "Color is often for those amateurs who try hard to mask bad design or have no idea what they are doing. A true artist/designer should be able to have the same impact whether or not the photo taken of the work is in color or black and white. 

A Rustic mantel makes for a cosy environment in this otherwise Spartan creates the entire ambiance of the room.  Inson Wood often shops at master antique dealers such as Mallet or Steinitz for the ultimate effect of quality antiques with true provenance.

Antique fabrics were used for the pillows in this modern loft in Tribeca, by Inson Dubois Wood LLC.
Inson Wood suggests using natural wood and hand cured leathers to add that authentic  feeling. Like vintage Harley Davidsons - its all about timelessness, things that you would have a hard time throwing away - things that have intrinsic value. 

Old Louis XV chairs mix in nicely with this modern Tribeca Loft by Inson Wood.

This project by Inson Wood,  although quite modern, used reclaimed wood and stone for the floors as well as some wonderful antiques from  Parisian flea markets and antique shops alike.
Less is more. Old is new. 

Inson Wood suggests scouring the Paris flea markets and also getting a few important.

Given the chance, Inson Wood, always chooses the old over the new - even in modern projects.  If I can get an old antique/vintage Corbusier or Perriand piece of furniture, I will. I want the client and their descendants to have valued objects not reproductions. "Personally I would take a 1966 GTO Berlinetta Vintage Ferrari over a brand new 458 - the same applies to furniture. This is a concept my clients often have to get used to…that old or original is cool. For me, its got to be one of a kind regardless of the age of the piece.  Authenticity is everything. "  

Always about the collectibles, Inson Wood, favors investment art over emerging artists.  "If you choose a known entity such as Jeff Koons, for example, the return rate is as good or better than investing in real-estate, however, always use a knowledgeable advisor when making serious art purchases and buy from a reputable source."
 Having studied with the creative powerhouses of Modernism and Contemporary Architecture while at Harvard University - names such as Rem Koolhaas, Wolf Prix ( BMW Museum), Frank Gehry and Zaha Hadid and with disciples of Le Corbusier such as Julian Fuentes and Historian Colin Rowe - Inson Wood could accept only the highest standards when creating his own unique designs.  His exposure to the traditional side of design came when he studied in Rome under Roberto Einaudi, the Historical Restoration Director of Rome.  I was able to see Carravagio, Michealangelo, Brunelleschi, Giotto art and architecture as seen by very few - even got to go up the scaffolding of the Sistine Chapel so I was an inch from the frescos painted by Michaelangelo.

     This had a mind altering affect on the way I would see art and architecture - permanently  changing my appreciation for historical art and objects.  Inson Wood was able to tour the back rooms of Pompeii and both Boromini's, Collegio Romano and Quatro Fontana to old rooms that had not been opened for decades - seen only by Clesiastical Monks and Priests.  The take away:  never underestimate the beauty of pure genius.  Whether it is a furniture maker, and artist, or an architect - these people scar the human psyche at the highest level elevating human kind to new heights.  The Zen Japanese farm house or the most regal Russian Palace - these all have something to offer.  What's truly exciting is they can be combined to create a new style. " Truly timeless things can be mixed and matched, but only by a true master.  "A Harley can be combined with a 5000 BC Egyptian Pharaoh Stone Sculpture, or a Ferrari with a 14th Century Provence Mantle with a Berber or Morrocan high pile tribal rug…how do I know? Because I have done it."  We admire his bravado - but recommend that not everyone try this at home - these stunts are performed by trained professionals only. - Ecomanta