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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The best place to go for a family ski vacation in Europe

Architect and Interior Designer, Inson Wood, advises clients on all sorts of lifestyle changes from the most effective charities,  healthful dietary tips,  to vacation destinations.

According to Inson Dubois Wood, who runs a 9 person boutique architecture design firm in Manhattan, the best place to take a family skiing is Switzerland.  The multi lingual nature of the country, German, French, and Italian ( and of course English ) makes it one of the easiest places to get around as well as the pinnacle for cuisine. There is a perfect mountain for each type of skier and Apres skier - starting with the ultra elite in places such as Gstaad, where black tie or coat and tie is often expected for dinner,  to other more family friendly casual resorts that accommodate the more boisterous crowd.

5 important things to look for in renting a ski chalet if you are staying with friends or relatives for a longer duration:

1. Swimming pool, sauna, and jacuzzi - this will provide relaxation and entertainment.
2. Large dining area and fully working kitchen.
3. Access to grocery store and restaurants.
4. Home Theater and other non-skiing entertainment.
5. Comfortable beds and ample bedrooms.

These simple accouterments can be the difference between a heavenly experience and unhappy time. Remember you will be jet lagged, but the change of pace combined with fermented grapes, fois gras, cote de boeuf, and French onion soup may well be worth the trip.

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