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Monday, December 2, 2013

Top 7 things to look for in a Luxury Ski Chalet - Inson Wood

Inson Wood insists the views are the single most important element to any ski house.

According to Inson Wood, The Jacuzzi is a critical part of any ski home

Even if you choose a smaller home - make sure you have a hearth, tv, and radiant floors with ample seating and at least one good view. 

Its all about the seating - lounge and dining.

Alternate workout areas including the gym and pool are a must.

Inson Wood adds that the fireplace and dining table create the entire atmosphere of a ski home.

Inson Wood defines the ski house as the ultimate escape - time to download with friends and family.

Inson Wood recommends using wood throughout the ski house on all surfaces: walls, floors, ceilings, colums and beams.

Make the home cosy and inviting - ample lounge seating and a big dining table. 

The indoor garage is an added bonus. 

Inson Wood implores clients to have the biggest dining table possible - as shown here.

Fireplace is critical - no matter how small. 

Inson Wood says - the hearth is the soul of a home. 

Inson Wood insists on a fireplace for all ski homes. 

Top Interior Designer Architect,  Inson Wood,  gives us his top 7 design elements when building, buying or renting a ski home.

1. Fireplace - The hearth is the center of a home. Nothing creates a feeling of coziness and conversation better than gathering around a roaring mantle.

2. Dining Table - even if you have a small house - you must have a big table that can seat 8 to 14 guests.  The whole point of the ski house is to entertain. Who ever has the biggest table wins especially during the holidays.

3. Ample guest bedrooms - its always nice to be able to invite friends and family over - bunk beds can work for adults too. Pack it in - you won't regret giving your guests the best memories they will have forever.

4. Views - although big windows are often costly, if insulated well - its all about the view.

5. Indoor Gym/ Pool and the Warm Workout option - inevitably you will have guests that don't want to ski 24-7 - a pool, jacuzzi, and exercise room are a huge benefit during the down time, rainy day, or for those who have had enough of the slopes.

6. Radiant heating - Nothing can rob a wonderful vacation if everyone is freezing. Radiant also evaporates the snow tracked in.

7. Lounge - Ample seating with the option for Audio visual. - Even if you're not a fan of TV your guests might be and there's always the need to keep the kids occupied with videos and video games.