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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Inson Wood's top pick of the year - Seychelles - the worlds most exclusive vacation hideaway.

In many ways there is nothing special about the Seychelles.  It is just another tropical paradise with one special is impossible to get to. If you are in search of heaven on earth, visit to the north island hotel which is the place you would want on the top of your ultimate wish list. North Island is where you’ll find nature preserved in its original form with eco-friendly development as a true complement to it. Surrounded by the tropical waters of the Seychelles, North Island gives you the best in mind and body therapy with one absolute goal: to relax.

Among the Farquhar Islands of Seychelles is the North Island. Airplane can take you only till island of Mahé. To reach Northern Island, there is a 25 minute helicopter ride. It is an absolutely pristine beach, reminiscent of the Maldives, yet surrounded by both rocky wooded hills. 
North Island offers you a choice between its eleven beautiful villas. The villas are elaborate yet designed to look light and airy with large showers and a bath to wallow in for hours, along with a Jacuzzi, massive comfortable bed and personal cinema, air conditioning, veranda and also a professional kitchen, all well equipped with all the amenities you would ever need of including a private wine cave.
North Island offers service that is tailored to suit your needs and preferred lifestyle - in other words its a fully customizable vacation - even the menu is tailored to your exact desires and approved prior to your arrival - with some delightful surprise. It doesn’t have an official menu; you can order whatever you are in mood for.  It has its own organic farm, where a variety of fresh vegetables are available to choose from  - and with an eager staff to help whisk it away, clean it and chop it up for the upcoming meal. 
North Island is surrounded with four beautiful crystalline beaches, giving a breathtaking view with white sands as far as the eye can see. It looks much more stunning than most beaches in part due to the fact that you only have a few other humans on the entire island to share it with.
For this level of exclusivity you must have a substantial networh and level of liquiditiy, but this is to be expected if you are in search of the most customizable vacation in one of the hardest to reach locations that can accomodate 11 of your friends. One added bonus - the island has master class coaches waiting to assist you in nearly any sport from Tennis, Sailing, Diving, Fishing, and  The fanatic scenery of this ultimate destination is truly captivating and emphasizes the luxury of timelessness.  Is this a worth while destination?  Ask Will and Kate who ranked it their top vacation ever... - Inson Wood