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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Internationally recognized architects designed the new campus of the Vienna University of Economics and Business

  • Zaha Hadid continues to be a mentor and an inspiration to all those who dare to dream.  As a woman professor of architecture and a muslim from Iraq, Zaha Hadid has shattered all barriers building in the most sophisticated and ambitious cities on earth. With 11 projects in China alone she has shown she can venture into unknown territory and succeed. For Zaha Hadid the only glass ceiling is the ones she creates. The ultimate myth buster: she is the only woman to receive the coveted Pritzker Prize in Architecture and she currently claims the #1 position for wealthiest self made architect ever. Building in the Middle East in countries where women are given little independence has also proven no obstacle for this fearless maverick.  I observed the way she conducted her design studio at Harvard and it was no different. She demanded the best from her students and accepted nothing less than a goal towards near perfection both with concept, drawings and execution of the study models.

    In some ways although it is an academic building,  the University of Economics and Business is one of the most ambitious projects for it here that one of Zaha's only rivals, Wolf Prix of Coop Himmelblau, has yet to build any large structures other than the small hidden roof top law office, a sore point as it is his city of origin. This shows just how unstoppable the titanium lady truly is.  Zaha educates the world in the concept of Economics and Business just by the ability to build an academic structure in one of the worlds most prestigious countries know for architecture of the avant avante garde-Inson Wood

    Internationally recognized architects designed the new campus of the Vienna University of Economics and Business. 
    • Zaha Hadid Architecture from Hamburg was responsible for the "Library & Learning Center".
    • CRABstudio from London was in charge of faculty building D3 and the administrative building.
    • The studio of Hitoshi Abe from Sendai, Japan, designed faculty building D2 and the "Student Center".
    • Estudio Carme Pinós S.L. from Barcelona provided the design for faculty building D4.
    • NO.MAD Arquitectos from Madrid constructed the "Executive Academy".
    • BUSarchitektur ZT Gmbh from Vienna was responsible for faculty building D1 and the "Student Center".