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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Banksy One understudy Mr. Brainwash, is more Andy Warhol and Jeff Koons incorporating Michael Jackson, Madonna, Lady Gaga, Jimmy Fallon, Fashion, Music.

Some Critics claim Mr. Brainwash's Superman/ Superheroes series are his most important works with DC and Marvel Comic images being laid over color which is underneath then scratching away at the surface almost like it was torn away - this distinct style is reminiscent of deconstruction in Literature - where you peel away layers of meaning.  See Terry Eagleton and Jaques Derrida.
The best piece for many at the opening night of Mr. Brainwash was Captain America. 

Mr. Brainwash "Captain America" stole the show in Greenwich CT - selling on the opening day.

Mr. Brainwash is painting an 8 story mural in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. 

The color and graffiti style that incorporates elements from Banksy, Warhol and Shepard Fairey in striking - he manages to compose his own powerful compositions while borrowing from the masters and in some cases out doing them. 

A huge mural by Mr. Brainwash.

A Mickey by Mr. Brainwash. Warhol, Mickey, Banksy and even Jeff Koons have used Mickey Mouse. 

Mr. Brainwash has designed eggs for Faberge - right along side of greats like Zaha Hadid.

Faberge Egg by Mr. Brainwash - for their limited edition series. 

Mr. Brainwash style is unique and recognizable. 

Madonna and Captain America

Superman by Mr. Brainwash

Inson Wood recently designed an Upper East Townhouse - in the children's room he created 2 surfboards - "Hirstakami 2" and "udbuffet"

In the playroom of the children's wing - Larry Gagosian holds three puppets - Koons, Hirst, and Murakami.  Interior Design by Inson Dubois Wood. Photo by Henry Buhl. Book case by John Lyle. 

Inson Dubois Wood mixes Andy Warhol with ultra high end luxury custom tufted velvet and  bronze furniture with  a piece by Edwina Sandys - The Great Grand Daughter of Winston Churchill, The Prime Minister who fought Hiltler. 

Gallerist Lee Milazzo, of Samuel Owen Gallery, who worked closely with Mr. Brainwash to curate the show and even had some pieces custom made for his show - truly believes Mr. Brainwash will become a significant part of the historical discourse on Pop Art and Street Art in the future.

Jeff Koons, with the help of Larry Gagosian,  brought Pop Art to even higher visibility to the masses by having their Art displayed on the roof of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. This was the MET's best selling show and most visited exhibition in the 100 year history of the museum. Jeff Koons, seen above as a child ( this painting sold for 2.4 million dollars ) now co brands and collaborates with companies as diverse as Khiels, BMW, Dom Perignon and H&M.  Visibility is everything. 
Lee Milazzo, The director of Samuel Owen Gallery understands the importance of media branding - is bit of a emerging celebrity himself - aligning his goals with fashion brands and appearing in video and film print ads for major international fashion labels.

Actually its appears it was Banksy's career that actually what died when he created his hoax film - Exit Through the Gift Shop with Shepard Fairey.  Mr. Brainwash aka Thierry Guetta - ( no relation to Mega star DJ David Guetta )  - Mr. Brainwash has taken the art world by storm for the past years - doing Madonna's Album cover and having mammoth sized shows with up to 1000 pieces in LA, New York, London and Paris.  His work continues to do extremely well - and it appears disruptive media has made Mr. Brainwash an overnight success. Mr. Brainwash has had sold out shows and is now working on a paid commissioned piece to do a 80 ft mural on the side of a brand new Condo building. While Mr. Brainwash appears to be ascending like Icarus with Fire Proof wings - Banksy has still not been seen any where...ever. The title of this article was supplied by the Onion as a source and cannot be validated.

Mr. Brainwash has incorporated all the icons we love so dearly, very similar to Andy Warhol but at a 1/100th of the cost.

Banksy most expensive piece of art. One can see the connection between Banksy and Brainwash. 

Blek the Rat also uses the scraping technique. 

Mr. Brainwash has surpassed his master, Banksy. 

Banksy pretends to be shocked by the success of Mr. Brainwash. But he and Shepard Fairey create him or Mr. Brainwsh create himself. All the matters is that Mr. Brainwash continues to increase his brand and sells at Phillips de Pury Auctions at 5 times estimated cost.

Mr. Brainwash was the understudy of Banksy, and has now surpassed the master.  Highly prolific and extremely provocative - he sets the bar high.  Mr. Brainwash's paintings are selling at 5 times the estimated value - a recent sale had a Mr. Brainwash painting  - 25k piece sell for 100k - at Phillips de Pury. 

Banksy is said to have borrowed ideas from the French Artist, Blek Le Rat.  Mr. Brainwash also borrowed his slogan "Life is Beautiful. " Which Bleck Le Rat had created in 2009.

Pop Art is fun - Through co-branding and edgy graphics many pop artists have aligned themselves with celebrity star power. 

 Banksy allegedly mentored Mr. Brainwash.  Since then Mr. Brainwash was accused of aping Banksy's work - when in reality, the genius Mr. Brainwash, the wolf in sheeps clothing, was just making a monkey out of Banksy.

Clown by Banksy. Banksy was Mr. Brainwash mentor. Since then Mr. Brainwash work has been taken a lot more seriously to the point where his art is selling at 5 times auction estimates.

Mr. Brainwash has worked with Madonna and is now aligned with 3 new mega

Some speculators say that Blek Le Rat - is Banksy, And that Banksy might have helped Thierry Guetta - aka Mr. Brainwash create his persona.  In many ways Thierry Guetta aka Mr. Brainwash is cooler than Warhol and Banksy combined as he is aligned with production of some the most watched videos in history made by DJ David Guetta. Interestingly he is a family man and now his own son Hijack, is starting to do art work. 

Banksy, Brainwash, or Blek Le Rat..Mr. Brainwash, aka Thierry Guetta,  is a rock star -that has huge gallery shows that are completely sold out and is now working with DJ David Guetta to create some of the most interesting graphic music videos. 

Mr. Brainwash was collaborating with many celebs around the world to increase his visibility - so much that now he has become one himself.

Dennis Hopper was a long standing friend of Mr. Brainwash... appeared in many movies depicting Warhol.

Shepard Fairey of OBEY- created Exit Through the Gift Shop as a hoax with Banksy - since the movie came out - Mr. Brainwash has had shows in 4 major cities and nearly sold out in all venues. 

What does Larry Gagosian think of Street Art? Perhaps he will be supporting Mr. Brainwash and have a retrospective..if not Gagosian, then perhaps  the MoMA.

Mr. Brainwash has art work that is equally as significant as Banksy at a much better price point. 

Mr. Brainwash thinks life is Beautiful, a slogan borrowed from the first grandfather of Stencil Art, Blek le Rat.

Mariah Carey. Mr. Brainwash has been working with Madonna, Jimmy Fallon, Jonny Depp, David Guetta and a host of celebs. 

Internationally published Architect/Designer, Inson Wood,  who often uses Warhols in his high-end projects, is now using Brainwash in his projects as well.

Banksy was said to have stolen all of Le Rat ideas - their style is identical - but is Le Rat -actually Mr. Brainwash? Does it

Brand names are everything - todays pop artists develop there own brand by working with existing bran names including everything from Models to Food. - Warhol  and Rolling Stones, Coke, BMW, , Jeff Koons and BMW, Dom Perignon, Lady Gaga, Its all about name recognition.

Mr. Brainwash hung out endlessly with celebrities, now he is one - this is the number one reason to invest in his work. And you can't say you don't like his work - because he has recycled nearly artist known in todays  pop world and beyond. 

Nothing sells like celebrity...and fashion.