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Saturday, July 19, 2014

David Guetta - Play Hard ft. Ne-Yo, Akon (Official Video) Play Hard Work Hard: Banksy - Brainwash

David Guetta is said to be influenced by Banksy and Mr. Brainwash and vice versa.

Exit past the cash register: Banksy vs Brainwash
Who, really, is Mister Brainwash - Coincidence that DJ Guetta and Artist Guetta love LA?
28 June 2014

Exit Through the Gift Shop is a wonderful documentary … or is it, perhaps, the birth of a new genre, the prankumentary?

If you haven’t seen it (and you should), here’s the premise. 

Thierry Guetta is a thirty-something French immigrant to the US who’s made a small fortune selling pre-loved clothes, at inflated prices, to trend-obsessed Los Angelinos. His interest in amateur video leads to him videoing his cousin, the semi-famous street artist Invader at work, and morphs into an 8-year obsession with recording the genre in the making. He’s introduced to other artists and the profits from his tat business finance his trips to record the best of the guerilla artists. Finally Guetta gets an entre to the biggest prize of all – the ultra-secretive Banksy. Guetta’s composure under interrogation, after being captured by security guards while videoing one of Banksy’s most famous stunts – leaving an orange-jumpsuited Guantanamo manikin in Disneyland – earns Banksy’s admiration.

The street artists believe that Guetta will eventually turn his countless hours of raw video into a documentary, but he seems incapable of it. Finally, under pressure, he comes up with a hopeless piece of sense-jangling rapid-fire art student junk. Banksy then volunteers to turn Guetta’s material into a comprehensible historic record and tells Guetta that what he really wants is to be a street artist himself, and he should give it a go.

So Banksy makes the documentary film and Guetta, calling himself Mr Brainwash (MBW) launches into the genre, but in a bigger way than anybody has hitherto attempted.  He mortgages his house and hires a huge old studio complex and a raft of artists and technicians. Working to his instructions they churn out hundreds of Thierry Guetta originals. No professional art market types are involved , but aided by endorsements from Banksy and Shephard Fairey the show turns into a runaway success, with thousands queuing outside and more than a million dollars worth of art sold in the first week. The centrepiece is a 3D takeoff of Andy Warhol’s soup cans, only the can is a tomato spray can … street art … spray can … geddit?

Guetta’s stuff looks an awful lot like a pastiche of everybody else’s stuff (particularly Banksy’s), It’s competent, but as they say, “derivative”.  WTF … we slave for years – the guerrilla art veterans mutter – dodging the cops, to grab a modicum of fame, and the village idiot comes along, imitates us, and makes a fortune.
So who, really, is Theirry Guetta? Is he what the movie purports him to be, an eccentric businessman turned artist, or is he a complete fiction – Banksy’s sly joke at the expense of the art-buying public? Let’s deconstruct it.

First, who, really, is Banksy? Thanks to a comprehensive investigation by the UK Daily Mail we can be 99 per cent certain that “the Scarlet Pimpernel of Modern Art”­– is one Robin Gunningham, born in July 1973 to Peter and Pamela Gunningham, a middle-class couple from Bristol. Banksy started as a graffiti artist about 1983, left school at 16 and moved thereafter, frequently. Critically, he was always active in the same places where witnesses or official records locate Gunningham.

There are two photos that are believed to be of Banksy. One is virtually useless for identification purposes but the other is a rather good shot, taken in Jamaica in 2006, and published by the Daily Mail and at various places online. It shows a sunburned man with a distinctive hairline and slightly wavy chestnut hair. This photo virtually clinches the Gunningham identification because it bears a strong resemblance to Gunningham as he appears as a 16 year-old in a school class photo.

So who’s Theirry Guetta and does he really exist?
The obsessive tat shop owner is a neat cover story, but there’s a hole in it. If there really was a character as wonderful as Thierry Guetta, and if he really did have a shop beloved of Los Angeles trendies, the internet would by now be alive with Thierry stories, but there’s zip that I can find. It’s as though Sydney's iconic second-hand bookseller, Bob Gould, popped up, all unexpectedly, with a much-hyped art show, but none of his hundreds of thousands of friends, enemies, former employees or customers were impelled to tell a Bob Gould story on the web, or even remembered his shop.

Some theorise that Guetta is a profession actor. It’s even been suggested that he’s played by French singer and DJ David Guetta who is, coincidentally, a close associate of Madonna whose latest album cover was designed by none other than Mr Brainwash , but I’m intrigued by an even more subversive twist: Thierry Guetta is Banksy himself.
What could be more fun? Banksy cashes in on his carefully-maintained anonymity by playing a fictional second-hand clothes dealer who cashes in by imitating Banksy. Although it actually is Banksy’s work, the genuine street artists are nonplussed and the art critics sniff that Mr Brainwash’s stuff is somehow fake and inferior. Meanwhile, the public, on the basis of the hype generated by Banksy and his mates, snap it up anyway.  How could a genius of subversion resist a ploy like that? What happens when the street artist enters the gallery? He makes a lot of money. Mr. Brainwash ( Thierry Guetta's )  net worth is well over 10 million dollars.

David Guetta collaborates with Street Artists like Banksy and Mr. Brainwash ( shown above ) - There visual graphics and bright colors work well with the DJ's psychedelic light shows where the concert audience requires as much stimuli as humanly possible to dance into the wee hours of the morning. 

Mr. Brainwash painting Superman was the first to sell - it sold before the show even officially opened during the VIP preview. Harvard University Graduate, Inson Wood is a ultra high-end Architect and Interior Designer in New York City doing a documentary on high stakes Pop Art from Jeff Koons to Basquiat, Banksy and now Brainwash.  He comes from a family of Both Artists as well as Blue Chip off market Art Dealers and Collectors.  

Inson Wood being interviewed about Mr. Brainwash David Bowie which sold on opening night at the Samuel Owen Gallery. 

Inson Wood discussing the power of the repetitive celebrity image, such as Kate Moss, who has become the Maryilyn Monroe of Warhols yesteryear for artists like Mr. Brainwash.
Inson Wood at the opening of Mr. Brainwash recent One Man Show. 

Inson Wood with Gallery Art Dealer being interviewed on the power of childhood icons like Marvel Comics Captain America. 

Mr. Brainwash's paintings "Captain America" and "Hitchcock"- Pop culture in Pop Art - borrowing from Banksy  perhaps has done Mr. Brainwash well - he is valued at over 10 million dollars and his pieces have sold for 7 times the estimated value at recent Phillips de Pury Auctions.

In addition to designing clients homes, Inson Wood is heavily involved with fashion in a series of venues: designing fashion accessories such as hi-end hand bags, as well as a fashion boutique and event space/ night club in the Meat Packing District.  He also takes clients out as a ultra high end personal shopper - flying them to Newport Beach, California t0 shop at places like A'maree's - rated the most beautiful fashion boutique in the world. 

Inson Wood in a video interview with Lee Milazzo, owner of Samuel Owen Gallery - which hosted Mr. Brainwash One Man Show.  Captain America, Superman, David Bowie and Hitchcock sold in the first 30 minutes of the VIP preview on opening night.

Labels matter to Mr. Brainwash: Brand names such as Kate Moss, Jonny Depp, Madonna, Muhammed Ali, Jack Nicholson are part of Mr. Brainwash repertoire.  Veuve Cliquot also must be prominently featured at all of his art openings.

Life is beautiful.

Mr. Brainwash style is uncannily similar to that of Banksy his mentor who turned the camera on the documentary "Exit Through The Giftshop"

Some investigative journalists think Mr. Brainwash could be Banksy or at least Banksy backed. 

Mr. Brainwash with one of his muses. Kate Moss and other models are featured prominently in his work. 

Mr. Brainwash has been accused by art critics of copying Andy Warhol - but then again did Andy Warhol copy other peoples work? 

Rockstar cool - Mr. Brainwash is a combination of Mick Jagger, Warhol, Banksy and Sheppard Fairey. 

Mr. Brainwash has been accused of copying Banksy. 

Mr. Brainwash has been accused of copying Shepard Fairey. 

Mr. Brainwash has been accused of copying endless artists, but the fact remains that Madonna hired him to do her album cover and his work is selling in the mid 6 figures for something he creates, or better yet has someone else create in less than a few hours. 

Mr. Brainwash is no longer a veiled street artist, he has been commissioned to create an 8 story tall mural on a brand new condo in Williamsburg, Brooklyn to increase its marketability to young millionaires. 

Mr. Brainwash is no longer a veiled street artist, he has been commissioned to create an 8 story tall mural on a brand new condo in Williamsburg, Brooklyn to increase its marketability to young millionaires. Life is Beautiful for Mr. Brainwash - Banksy are you watching? Or directing...

Banksy or Mr. Brainwash - or are they the same person - the same prankster.

The jester has left the royal court - the joker dances in the streets - is the joke on us? The art world? or is it simply  a frickin hilarious hoax that we all want to be in on?  Banksy/ Brainwash is the Balls or a Baller. 

Mr. Brainwash is washing our brains - he is selling us propaganda that we want, that makes us feel good, that stirs childhood memories, that reminds us of our own art as a child, then our own first album, our first photo portrait, our first art project that we showed to our parents with more or less appreciation or skill. 

Mr. Brainwash aka Thierry Guetta - makes art - some of it is beautiful and some of it is not. He makes some people more famous while making himself more famous - by a simple act... attracting attention and bringing the lime light - like all celebrities in fashion like Karl Lagerfeld he wears sunglasses because the fashion lights are so bright. And wears many masks like Lady Gaga, because the fans demand it, they want, they crave it, they beg for it - he is an an award winning actor and the whole world is a stage - he reminds us every time he signs the back of the painting with "life is beautiful." - Never give up your dreams - Ecomanta