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Saturday, July 19, 2014

David Guetta - Titanium ft. Sia and other things Inson Wood can't live without

Inson Wood most important necessity is art. He deeply appreciates Artists, such as Jeff Koons, who are not afraid to engage the world, promote their work, share their ideas and work hard to ensure their value and brand are sustained at the highest value.  This strategy of attaining perfection in the quality of the work and also how and where it is displayed is key - Jeff Koons has shown in Versailles, on the Metropolitan Museum of Art Roof Deck, and is currently having a retrospective at the Whitney Museum and Gagosian Gallery.  He will appear at the new Whitney Museum in the Meat Packing District and has Split Rocker displayed at Rockafeller Center.
Inson Wood and Mayor Michael Bloomberg - Inson admires Government Leaders who aren't afraid to do the right thing - Bloomberg championed: Anti Smoking and Beautification - Bike lanes, Film Shoots, Tourism, Art Funding, and Healthful Diet. 
Modern eco friendly clean luxury lifestyle living - this house designed by Inson Wood is 100% ecologically minded with solar and geo thermal as well as wind powered.  All materials are toxin free including the adhesives and plywoods.
New York Galleries and those who shape the art world - The man responsible making Warhol, Koons, Murakami and Hirst household names, Larry Gagosian, is one of Inson Woods favorite personalities. At a recent opening Inson Wood told us: "Larry will stop at nothing to reach the top, and when he gets there he breaks the titanium ceiling and moves upward to yet another even higher level that no one ever even knew could be possible, he is a genius - like Icarus with fireproof wings. One day Larry will fly right through the sun and be immortalized with Apollo himself." 

Inhabiting Old Buildings and renovating the existing. - This residence by Inson Dubois Wood is where Jude Law lived during the making of Sherlock Holmes and Hamlet was a converted 1805 Church in Greenwich Village near Washington Sq Park.  - Inson Wood added a glass stair and railings to add light - the entire residence, all walls and vaulted ceilings  were decoratively hand finished in a 7 layer white venetian plaster. Every piece of furniture was museum collectible modern  and all of the art was procured through private collectors or Sothebys, Christies, or Phillips de Pury. 

Inson Wood and fashion designer, Elie Tahari - Affordable fashion labels, because everyone should look good. 

Old master Art work: Inson Wood with a Chagall Painting in the background - in a townhouse he designed.

Strong Women Business Leaders:  Inson Wood and Ivanka Trump - the world needs more role models for working moms such as Ivanka.  Inson Wood collaborated on a townhouse project with Trump Realty and has worked on over 12 Townhouses in Manhattan. "My goal is to become the go to guy for townhouses - whether modern or traditional - whether full ground up or partial gut - I love the complexity of townhouses - its like 3d chess game mixed with a Chinese puzzle, soooo many things can go wrong if one doesn't know what they are doing - when you conquer the challenges its like ecstasy! Highly rewarding - for both me and the client. "

Integral to the whole design process is art.  Collecting, Selling, and Making Pop Art. - Here one can see a Hirstakami commissioned by Inson Wood.  " I have designed an entire house around one Picasso - the art can come last but it must be fully integrated - conceptually. I am not talking a green painting to go over a green couch - I am talking about an entirely different approach to holistic design - a design where I see it completely finished in my head every detail - and we just work backwards from there and find things that fit my clients tastes and budget/ timeline."

More new Pop Art - Inson Wood with a painting by Banksy understudy, Mr. Brain Wash aka Thierry Guetta. 

Asian Antiques - this ceramic bowl at Sothebys broke all records for an antique.

Virtual Reality Video Games - because if you can imagine it its real. Inson Wood feels the video gaming industry could affect the architecture world much as it has helped military strategists and even children with autism - pushing the brain to new extremes or seeing the world differently is great as long as its not an escape or too addictive. 

Travelling in Europe - One of Inson Wood's favorite homes - Versailles - with a Koons sculpture. "Its the complete package - the architecture and the interiors are integrated into a cohesive holistic whole and with the gardens make a complete composition - that is the ultimate goal of all of my residential projects - if the client is willing, I insist on doing the design of the architecture, interiors, and gardens where possible. Every detail is under my guidance - the tint of the windows, the color of the exterior stone - down to the paintings, plates, sheets, and even the custom tooth brush if allowed.

Upper Eastside Townhouses with a modern interior - by Inson Wood

Upper Eastside Townhouse Garden Terraces - design by Inson Wood and Plant Specialists.

Inson Wood highly recommends to his clients who want performance but also a bit of everyday usability.  Four wheel drive sports cars that have 4 seats - Ferrari FF. 

High Society Charitable Benefits with Art, Decor, Fashion...and of course, Chocolates - Alessandra, Coco, and Barbara. Paintings by Chau-Chiang Thi Nguyen.

Supporting Emerging Artists with musician and painter Chau-Giang Thi Nguyen. 

Dada and Surrealist Art from 1917 - MoMA certified artist Marcel Duchamp. 

Custom Furniture often used by Inson Wood in his projects - this chair is by Wendell Castle

Basquiat - perhaps one of the most creative artists ever - and definitely one of the few African American artists given access to the elite world of Blue Chip Pop Art. 
Charitable causes and foundations are high on the priority list to give back and also to have an excuse to stay in touch with old friends and make new ones - according to Inson "supporting culture, education and anti-poverty/ human rights are a must...and the fashion high society set like to wear to the Galas is always inspiring and almost an art form in its own right!

Inson Wood insists one must leave the city on weekends. Skiing in Vermont or Utah in Winter.  In the summer Inson is sometimes seen test driving a Ferrari in the Hamptons.  Inson:  "Sometimes I feel like the luckiest person on earth, I can live vicariously through my clients -  I don't have to personally own every exotic thing myself - whether in an old 1966 GTO convertible or a brand new Ferrari FF, I specifically love trying out my friends latest exotic purchases on the winding roads of Georgica and Watermill - as we detour ...endlessly trying to stay off the crowded Route 27,  enroute to the next cocktail party to see their latest Picasso, Warhol or Murakami.  

Asian pop art - like this piece by Hye Rim Lee in an environment by Inson Wood for Magnises club.  "Art is key - Decor is secondary - the idea is to have fun - I love mixing styles. Too often we get caught up in one style - its not about one thing - its about an overall composition - I have mixed valuable antiques with fun modern inexpensive things and elements from flea markets." 

Art by Architect Le Corbusier at the Magnises Townhouse. 

Magritte artwork at Magnises Townhouse. 

The South of France in August is a must for Inson Wood, he rides his bicycle from Aix en Provence down to Cassis then up the coast through St. Tropez and St. Jean Cap Ferrat.  Monaco is a must to enjoy exotic cars and boats of his friends and clients. 

Winter in South East Asia - Inson Wood spends a few weeks each year in Thailand on his 100 acre retreat with his family and often goes to a few other countries such as Bali depending on the route he is flying. 

Inson Wood spends Spring Break in a tropical island - preferably where there is scuba diving, golf, tennis, cycling and amazing sea food. 

We stopped by the office of Inson Wood just off of Park Avenue in mid-town amongst the bustle and entered into a mini urban retreat filled with art and design books, 4 massive custom dining tables and velvet upholstered sofas mixed with modern leather club chairs. Pop art mixed with African Masks and solid cast bronze door and railing detail samples that look like something from Versaille. When asked what it was he mentioned of a penthouse project where the entire greenhouse was to be made of solid bronze...half of it imported from France.  The projects Inson Wood works on range from Hamptons houses, to large Greenwich Baronial Mansions to Park Avenue classic triplexes, Townhouses and the occasional Tribeca or Soho Loft.  Above are a few of his " can't live withouts"