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Monday, July 28, 2014

Jeff Koons at the Whitney Museum/ Lady Gaga vs Mr. Brainwash in the Meatpacking/Jimmy Fallon by Inson Wood

Mega star Pop - artist Jeff Koons, full retrospective at the Whitney - Pure genius in Technicolor.  Never before has the world at large had so much fun with art. For anyone who has played with Play-Doh - this sculpture stole the show. 
Jeff Koons knows the human psyche better than Sigmund Freud.  Jeff Koons is loved by the masses and the ultra elite alike - by men and women, boys and girls.  The beauty of pop-art is that it is for public consumption - which means it is Art for the people. As his work is visually seductive and reminds one of youthful life experiences -  Jeff Koons is the master of art as commodity, yet in someways he is highly analytical, reflective and although speaks to our subconscious, it also borders on the surreal.  Jeff Koons work is so crowd pleasing the line wrapped around 4 blocks of the Whitney regardless of bad weather right up to the last day of the show.   Jeff Koons artwork is for the general population to consume - it is like reality TV combined with an incredible infusion of Shakespeare in the Park - its part shock and awe and part larger than life ( literally ). Jeff Koons show at the Whitney, his first retrospective at a major museum, canonized his value to the art world -  his prices shall continue to sky rocket at auction and will exceed an already record setting barrier of  58 million dollars for a living artist with his Balloon Puppy. Koons has the captured some of the magic super powers we see in his art subjects becoming a conglomeration of Superman, Hulk, Popeye and 
Ultra genius Pop Artist, Jeff Koons is not afraid to take us backstage behind the scenes. 

Jeff Koons photographing Lady Gaga for the ARTPOP Concert Sculpture.

Mega st"Artist" Jeff Koons - has a team of over 100 young staff members tirelessly working around the clock producing his impeccable art work like a Hollywood production. 

Andy Warhol, who influenced, Koons, was one of the first Artists to employ Celebrity Rock Stars, Movie Stars, Models, and Superheroes. 

Jeff Koons was one of the first sculptors to use Marvel And DC Comic Super Heroes in 3d scuptures - Koons Hulk pieces are some of his strongest work to date.

Bigger than life - Jeff Koons sculpture for Lady Gaga ART POP Concert standing at 50' tall. 

Living in the Fast lane - Jeff Koons and BMW at Art Basel - his pieces have been shown at Versailles and Guggenheim now Whitney and Pompidou Center.

Jeff Koons caters to our love of shiny and Squeaky clean - appealing to childhood Or youthful memories - comforting yet often making us reflect on our own weaknesses to consumption.

Endorsing and making sculptures for power luxury brand Dom Perignon all the way to hand bags at H&M.  Few artists have embraced PR and co-branding with such skill and acumen. 

Super Arttist, Jeff Koons and his family.

Jeff Koons includes his family in his art shows and award ceremonies - a dedicated family man and father. 

Andy Warhol for BMW - BMW selects artist to paint their cars every few years as an art show. 

Warhol, who influenced Koons, often collaborated with other young artists such as Edie Sedgwick and Jean Michel Basquiat. 

Jeff Koons uses iconic imagery and pop culture icons such as Superman and recently classical Sculptures from Renaissance and antiquity. 

Balloon Puppy Recently sold at Christies breaking all records for a living artist.

Lady Gaga co-branding with Jeff Koons - which artist benefited more? 

Jeff Koons Balloon Dog Seated on display in Astor Place. Koons dominated Manhattan during the Whitney show with pieces on display in 4 locations throughout the city. 

Lady Gaga and Jeff Koons. 

Lady Gaga Art Pop Sculpture by Jeff Koons.

An Jeff Koons ambitious project may have a real steam engine suspended above the highline. 

Architect Designer/ Art Advisor, Inson Wood, an avid proponent of Investing in Jeff Koons, claims no other artist will yield higher returns at auction, stating The amount of money invested in ensuring his continued success is unprecedented."

Hands Dirty - Koons who has others make hand craft or fabricate all of his sculpture and paintings - shows a collage of stunning beauty mixed with the banal. contradiction and complexity of composition - We see a brief Momentary hint of the hidden surrealist anarchist in the salesman artist - inflatables entangled with trashcans.

Super human - Jeff Koons perfection of the polished surface mixed with large scale And vivid color with PR from the top Gallerists Gagosian and Sonnabend yields impressive Collectibility - auction prices continue to shatter all barriers at auction. 

Monkeying around - Koons combines images of erotica subliminally superimposed on children's toys graphics.

Jeff Koons and Lady Gaga - Double Star Power. All artists need a muse.

Jeff Koons Puppy and Play Doh at the Whitney. 
Jeff Koons pushing the limits nearly went bankrupt with his Made in Heaven series - now regarded as some of his most authentic artwork.

Jeff Koons still pushing the limits of nudity at his latest exhibition at the Whitney Museum 

Jeff Koons knows what is the best attention grabber - celebs, nudity and music.  Here with Lady Gaga who he later created a 50 foot sculpture of for their Art Pop concert Collaboration.

Lady Gaga in front of her Jeff Koons sculpture at a Brooklyn Concert. 

Always willing to take full credit for his work, Master sculptor and promoter, Jeff Koons knows scale matters. 

Jeff Koons at the Whitney

Lady Gaga feeling blue - by Jeff Koons. 

Jeff Koons sculpture of Lady Gaga. 

Jeff Koons  painting

Most attended show at the Met was Jeff Koons roof garden sculpture show. 

Beauty matters -Lady Gaga and Jeff Koons. 

Jeff Koons studied the successes of Andy Warhol who collaborated with music stars such as Blondie - Pop art crossed into pop culture and music.