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Monday, August 4, 2014

Hyper Genius Pop Artist, Jeff Koons at the Whitney, a new look at Jeff Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga, Hulk, BMW, H&M, Dom Perignon.


Super Artist and currently the most expensive artist at auction, Jeff Koons, is having a full retrospective of his legendary career, at the Whitney Museum in New York City. Jeff Koons is a veritable Superman with shows at the Guggenheim and Versailles, - he is loving father to eight children, he currently has art work displayed at the Whitney, Rockefeller Center, Gagosian Gallery and Shop and 
Art advisor and Award Winning Luxury Residential Designer,  Inson Wood, specifically advises clients on Pop Art - Koons is his first choice above all.  A more affordable POP option is Mr. Brainwash  - who also uses Superman in his work. 

Jeff Koons knows his audience - selling childhood memories, squeaky clean large scale sculpture, and hyper meticulous paintings with motifs such as erotica and kitsch celebrity statues.

Jeff Koons father was a decorator. His use of flowers is incessant and quite powerfully seductive.

Jeff Koons.

Jeff Koons is a proud father to 6 children from his wife Justine whom he often takes on business trips.

Jeff Koons and family.

Jeff Koons "Balloon Dog" recently sold at Christies for 58.4 million dollars.

Split Rocker - At Rockefeller Center. 

Split Rocker at Rockefeller Center.

Jeff Koons proposed a 300 million dollar train to be suspended above the high line in Chelsea, NYC. 

Jeff Koons

Jeff Koons at the Whitney.

Jeff Koons taking a photo of Lady Gaga and a page out of the Thierry Richardson playbook. 

Lady Gaga collaborated with Jeff Koons for her Art Pop concert. 

A young Jeff Koons. 

Japanese erotica and inflatable monkey dolls - Jeff Koons is the mad genius - a man without fear.

Collaborating with luxury brand Dom Perignon - Jeff Koons co-branding was always his signature. 

Jeff Koons is Herculean in his projects, once nearly bankrupt, like all great New Yorkers, from Donald Trump to Martha Stewart. 

Jeff Koons Flower Puppy has appeared outside 7 major buildings including the Guggenheim in Bilbao. 

Top Decorator Architect, Inson Wood, advises clients on both emerging artists, as well as blue chip secondary art such as Warhol, Richter, Basquiat, Lichtenstein, Hirst, Bacon, Rothko, Picasso, de Kooning, and Murakami, but above all his first choice is unequivocally Jeff Koons. "Larry ( Gagosian ) has single handedly built up Jeff to be the supreme reigning king of the art world and auction houses - there will never be another Jeff Koons." 

Jeff Koons reflects on his achievements - the most expensive living artist ever. 

Jeff Koons career has ballooned in the last decade - bullet proof, he rode through the recession like a super hero. 

Jeff Koons, amazingly balances a super star career and still spends quality time with his family. 

Jeff Koons brings his children on as many business trips and vacation trips as possible. 

Sold out - Jeff Koons at the Metropolitan Museum of Art - their best show ever with record attendance. 

Jeff Koons art work and his life are extremely colorful. 

Jeff Koons - master of the Sublime and the banal. 

Never afraid to get his hands dirty - Jeff Koons self portraits are made by a team of artists, but he serves as fantastic subject matter - partly due to his collaborators such as Illona Cicciolina, Lady Gaga, Pop eye and Michael Jackson. 

Jeff Koons - some say you can't perfume a pig. 

Jeff Koons is a star and some say his work is "Made in Heaven" 

Jeff Koons making a bold statement about what art actually is...or isn't. On view at a museum near you. 

Some say Jeff Koons art is dog doo - but the lines out side the Whitney every day ( even in the rain ) of droves of Museum attendees dying to get in. 

Made in Heaven -  Starring Jeff Koons is at the Whitney Museum. 

Made in Heaven - Made it into the Whitney Museum - taking explicit art to a new Museum high and breaking a few boundaries and probably a few laws. 

Jeff Koons has a PG rated side as well. 

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Decorator Architect, Inson Wood, whose father is an acclaimed artist and Jeff Koons, is the currently the world's leading artist who's father was a decorator. 
Jeff Koons - God King among Ants.

Few art critics can argue that there is one reigning king of Pop Art - surpassing even the fame and definitely the financial gain of Andy Warhol - Jeff Koons weighs in at the all time heavy weight champion of the world. His shock and awe tactics both in terms of subject matter, scape, meticulous execution, overwhelming Public Relations, and a unwavering show of loyalty to his promoters, Larry Gagosian and Sonnabend.  The images speak for themselves - and Jeff Koons - youtube videos do the rest.  - Ecomanta.