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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Le Corbusier: Architect, Designer, Artist and the importance of Painting.

Le Corbusier in front of one of his paintings.

Le Corbusier Paintings

Le Corbusier is known as one of the greatest architects the world has ever known.  One thing that we don't always remember is that he was a very avid artist both in sculpture and painting. The reason paintings by Le Corbusier are important is they inform in part some of the success of his architecture.  While much of Le Corbusier's architecture is considered brutalist and is executed in concrete, there are certain curvilinear forms that contrast nicely with the cellular nature of some of his projects. In addition it is also a little known fact that Le Corbusier also painted some of his buildings. One of his most unique ideas was when he would hang his framed paintings directly on top of a wall mural...pure genius.

Le Corbusier is often thought to have only worked in an austere grey concrete - few know the fact that he painted several of his buildings. 

Le Corbusier painted floors and ceilings in some of his projects.