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Friday, March 27, 2015

Space Sixteen and NFP - New Form Perspective timeless Fashion Designs after Fashion Week New York City, Paris, London, Milan

New Form Perspective Studio 
NFP Studios by Gail Travis at Space Sixteen

NFP Studios 
New Form Perspectives - 

NFP Studios by Gail Travis at Space Sixteen

NFP Studios by Gail Travis at Space Sixteen

Space Sixteen - NFP Studios by Gail Travis 

New Form Perspectives - at Space Sixteen

Space Sixteen - featuring collectible fashion by NFP Studios - New Form Perspective  - Gail Travis.

We all love the outrageous designs of Alexander McQueen, Rick Owens, and Gareth Pugh but what do fashion conscious women choose when they have a strict budget and want timeless transformational designs for a multitude of seasons?  More and more savvy fashionistas are turning to designers such as New Form Perspective - NFP Studio - Gail Travis ( who has designed for Calvin Klein, Vera Wang and Shelly Steffe ) Gail Travis and her latest New Form Perspective designs premiere this week at Space 16  - Come to opening night party at  Space Sixteen 311 West Broadway, NY NY 10013. 6-9pm Friday March 27, 2015 to see a very chic yet affordable line of select fashion sweaters, tunics, and dresses for spring and summer.

More about the designer and NFP - In these rapidly changing times NFP by Gail Travis, fosters the concept of transition, transformation and evolution. Gail Travis has designed a collection of smart geometric shapes and styles that are of the moment, but not bound by time. Each piece has the ability to link, layer, fold, snap, shift or connect, creating a platform for personal expression. Ultimately encouraging each individual’s NEW FORM & PERSPECTIVE.
The knitted sweaters (NIT), hand felted dresses and tops (FELT) and foundation jersey pieces of tanks, bodysuits, and leggings (PHRAME) collectively present a unique line of architectural building blocks. N:F:P additionally offers a distinctive line of tunics, dresses and floor-length gowns using a signature felting technique, one of the oldest methods of fabric-making. NEW FORM PERSPECTIVE marries felting with diaphanous featherweight jerseys in subtle, muted colors creating stunning, sophisticated, modern foils for layering the knits.
NFP’s ability to turn upside-down, backwards, and creatively mold, secures the sustainability of each garment. It supports a more socially conscious and resourceful lifestyle through appreciation of highly designed, multi-functional product. Rooted in timeless architectural shapes, New Form Perspective’s goal is to encourage minimizing the disposable mindset of recent fashion, and increase awareness of fashion’s strength to be an enhancement to our basic environment and personal self. Ultimately sharing the beauty of fashion through it’s ability to be inventive and creative while maintaining a wearable artform. N:F:P positively motivates each individual towards a more personalized interaction between designer and consumer.
Designer Gail Travis, is a visionary deisgner who launched her own brand NFP Studio - after working in the high-end fashion design world in NYC for the past 10 years, as a lead designer for companies such as Calvin Klein, Vera Wang, and Shelly Steffee - with incredibly innovative transformational designs picking up where Donna Karan structured body suit left off.