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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Network: Harvard, Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Morphew, Rick Owens, Mitzi Perdue, Space Sixteen Soho, Inson Wood and Jim Luce of Huffington Post.

Mitzi Perdue, at her book signing recently held at - Soho's hottest new destination lifestyle boutique.  Daniela Zahradnikova co-founder Space16, Mitzi Perdue, Inson Wood, Sara Herbert-Galloway, Lorraine Cancro-Silvetz, CEO of the Global Stress Initiative. 

Singer performer, Cynthia Basinet, Mitzi Purdue with Jewelry design maven, Lauren Chisholm. 
Six degrees of separation turns into one degree at  Space Sixteen Soho when Lorraine Cancos and Sara Herbert Galloway are involved with event planning. Shown here with Huffington Post - editor and contributor and descendant of Harvard Founding Fathers, Jim Luce. 

Couture visionary Maggie Norris displayed her fashion runway pieces - Maggie Norris has done red carpet Gala Gowns for Vogue and notables such as Nicole Kidman, Beyonce, Rhianna, Naomi Watts, and several presidential First Ladies.

An honor to have the former design director for Ralph Lauren Purple Label, Maggie Norris, and her incredible creations at Space Sixteen Soho. 

The radiant author and Harvard alum, Mitzi Purdue,  and her support team leader - Sara Galloway.

Mastermind Daniela Zahradnikova, founder of Space Sixteen Southampton and Space Sixteen Soho (  Photos by Steve Mack

Interior designer of Space 16, Inson Wood, with Philanthropist Jane Pontarelli. Photos by Steve Mack
Philanthropist Sara Herbert-Galloway and creative director /designer / architect of space 16, Inson Dubois Wood. Steve Mack 

Daniela Zharadnikova, boutique founder and anti-poverty champion for the homeless,  being interviewed about her new store, and collaboration with art gallery Unix and collectible ceramics house - Lladro  ( note: Lladro's black and white Guests by Jaime Hayon - loom in the backround next to an orange Fairchild and Baldwin hand Bag. Vintage Bags by Louis Vuitton, Celine and Hermes.  Photos by  Steve Mack

Holistic Health and Yoga specialist and founder of Super Role Models and champion in the fight against Drug Addiction, Asia Janina Dyrkacz.  Photo by Steve Mack

Asia and Daniela in front of a wall unit designed by Architect/ Interior Designer, Inson Dubois Wood. A spherical handbag by Michael McElroy in Gold next to an art piece featuring Louis Vuitton as a pill/drug/ prophalactic. - Photo by Steve Mack
Inson Wood, Internationally published Architect/ Interior Designer with artist, King Saladeen at Space Sixteen in Soho, NY

A new fashion boutique, Space16 in Soho, New York, founded by an influential group of entrepreneurs, recently hosted a book signing by Mitzi Purdue.  A modular wall unit designed by Inson Wood served as a chic backdrop and elegant example of furniture that can be re-purposed forever. This simple modular bookcase/ desk/ hutch comes apart and fits into an SUV for compact and easy moves. An array of beautiful fashion elements, bags, jewelry, skin care products, cashmere and silk scarves, and even some couture and vintage fashion pieces, were efficiently and beautifully displayed.  Daniela Zahradnikova is a long standing member of the Soho Partnership and Ace Foundation - which made Space 16 possible.  A portion of the profits from Space16 goes to support several charitable causes.  As do proceeds from the sale of Mitzi Perdue's bestselling book, Tough Man, Tender Chicken, which unveils the uncompromising search for excellence her husband, Frank Purdue, sought and achieved in the food industry.  In the end it was a night of giving.  Pay it forward - and you will eventually get paid...even in a tough town like New York City.