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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

New Construction New York City Upper Eastside Townhouse: Being at the right place at the right time...then taking action.

A bleached wedge wood clad library makes for a fabulous sofa covered in Hermes leather. The rear facade is floor to ceiling glass on every floor with a glass terrace and glass stairs so even the basement level receives ample light on the south facade. 
In a new construction ground up townhouse by Inson Dubois Wood an African mask contrasts perfectly against a fabulous photo by Alberto Rizzo, who is collected by MoMA and the Met. In the living room a fragmented portrait painting by Justin Bower, reminds us of the way in which society loses a little bit of its humanity with each electronic social media device it creates.
Minimalism and elegant modern luxe was the name of the game at this Upper Eastside Townhouse by Inson Dubois Wood. A limestone facade compliments the neighboring townhouses on this classic street which the classic movie starring Jack Lemmon: "How to Murder Your Wife" was filmed 
The basement is incredibly well lit naturally with the help of a glass terrace above which does not obstruct the southern light. 

A custom bed by Inson Dubois Wood has a touch of woven horse hair added to the headboard for elegance. Mid century modern lamps are 1960's Murano hand blown.

Architect and Interior Designer, Inson Wood runs Inson Dubois Wood LLC a turn key hi-end residential design firm that has projects in 5 countries, including Asia, Europe and Australia. The firm has recently been published in a new book on Scandanavian design by TeNeus titled: "Living in Style Scandinavia" as well as Luxe, New York Space, Resident Magazine, Haute Living, and Manhattan Magazine.

The master bathroom has phosphorous glass which makes the stunning views to the opposing religious structure opaque at the touch of a switch for privacy. The inscription on the pediment reads"Unto the Lord I would prepare a perfect people."

The rear terrace was completely reconstructed and lined with hand chased stone lining the entire wall surface. A glass top vanity has a hidden reveal to open the bleached Macassar drawers. 
We had the opportunity to corner the busy designer architect, Inson Wood, of Inson Dubois Wood, a Park Avenue based Internationally Published Turn Key Hi-end Design firm and ask him to give us the background story on how he got to do all the design for the construction and interior design for a ground up Townhouse in Manhattan's prestigious Upper East Side ( the New York City's  most prestigious zip code ) that was published in New York Spaces last month.

Ecomanta: Tell how this extraordinary project came about. 

IDW: " I guess the biggest take away from this project is that it pays to workhard...A few years ago I met a client at a charity function. It turned out he and his wife had attended Harvard as did I - we had a few things in common. We both loved skiing, cycling, and...architecture. 
     Fast forward - a quick consult on a closet modification led to a search for the perfect fixer upper - which in turn led to a ground up new construction townhouse on the Upper Eastside. The townhouse originally meant to be a possible flip ended up being a complete teardown with every detail thought out - from front and rear facade, floor plan layout, lighting, stair design, rear garden, roof terrace, furniture, fabrics, accessories, lighting and even down to art curation and selection of their growing art collection. When finished it so suited the clients taste and lifestyle - they complimented me on my relentless tenacity to stick with my vision and see it to the end.  The collaboration of their good taste melded with my streamlined aesthetic ended up being a true win win.

Ecomanta: What was your inspiration or basic premise with the design?

IDW: Most of my projects don't have a specific style. Instead they are like a custom suit or timeless painting - they have to last forever, or at least have that intention in the way they are built.  My goal is always to create spaces and objects so beautiful they will never be thrown away. Not every piece has to be a limited edition design, however as a composition it should really sing so that if one piece is removed you immediately feel that it is missing.  Some projects have been so successful that I get calls from clients who have moved to another state - but are ecstatic that they sold their home with all the furniture in tact to the new owners, that they are interested in continuing the relationship as they really experienced the value added. Conversely, I even get calls from new buyer/owners asking if I can work the same project, but to modify it slightly to accommodate their lifestyle. They love the design, instead of ripping everything out like many new buyers, they want to actually continue with my design concept in the same vein.  This is the ultimate compliment - a new buyer purchases the property because they love the overall design - and then call you to continue the design process with them. The dream of any architect or designer is to create something that will stand the test of time - to be utterly timeless.